Starling Marte
Marte hurt his hand sliding into third base on Sunday. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed outfielder Starling Marte on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to Aug. 19, with a right hand contusion. Andrew Lambo has been recalled to replace Marte.

In addition to a contusion, Marte suffered a sprain of the fourth MCP ligament of his right hand. It was all part of his original injury off Arizona’s Martin Prado stepping on his right hand, not a complication that developed since.

No timetable has been announced yet for Marte’s return. Because his placement was backdated, he would be eligible to return Sept. 3 at the earliest.

“We’ll have more information when he gets home and is seen by our doctors,” Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said.

Lambo was optioned to the minors less than ten days ago, but was eligible to come back early due to Marte’s DL placement. He should get starting time along with Jose Tabata while Marte is out, and the manager says Lambo could even get starts against left-handed pitchers.

“You’re not going to get much more off a challenging positive opportunity… than to be involved in a pennant race,” Hurdle said. “It’s a very good environment.”

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    • I think it’s time for people to start getting over that extension. Tabata will probably never justify it, but the Pirates were betting on Tababta reaching his ceiling. The deal was so ridiculously team friendly that his agent quit after he signed. I mean could you imagine Marte signing something like that right now? It just wouldn’t happen.

      At this point, Tabata is what he is, and with Polanco right around the corner, that’s a 4th OF. Maybe someone to PH or pitch run late in games. Some teams might even want him as a starter, so you might get some value out of him, but that’s about it.

      I don’t see any reason to bash NH about it though is all

      • I was being a little facetious; I do not mind the deal (didn’t know his agency drop him, misadventure seems attracted to him.) I just wish maybe the Pirates could get another 2010 like season or two out of him.

        • I wasn’t slamming you or anything, just in general, people need to just be over it. They gambled on Jose just like they gambled $60M on Cutch. Now the deal with Cutch is literally the best contract in baseball.

          Until Jose decides he can stay on the field for more than a couple weeks in a row, he’s just not going to be reliable enough to put up any kind of consistent production.

        • well I take that back, this assures him his postseason eligibility. My understanding is that a player on the DL can be replaced by any player in the organization as of the 31st. This is why I was asking for a good write up of all the loop holes associated with the playoff eligibility. James will deliver one in the near future from what I’ve been told. Looking forward to it.

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