Wandy Rodriguez’s Visit to Dr. James Andrews Goes Well

Wandy Rodriguez pitching
Wandy Rodriguez probably won’t need Tommy John surgery. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Michael Sanserino of the Post-Gazette has some great news on Wandy Rodriguez.

The big fear when a person goes to visit Dr. James Andrews is that he will undergo Tommy John surgery. At this point in the season that would have put Rodriguez out for the rest of 2013, and the 2014 season. The fact that he could begin a rehab assignment soon indicates that he’ll be fine for 2014, and that he could also be back in 2013. If the Pirates get him back in the playoffs, that would be huge, as he would be their number three starter. If he came back in September, that would be even better with Gerrit Cole running out of innings and Jeff Locke struggling lately.

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Boston – a whole lot of pitchers suffer from mild chronic arm discomfort. Pitching is a seriously stressful vocation, the most stressful physically in all of sports.

The Pirates were like “come on dude, everybody has a little soreness this time of year” when he shut it down to see Andrews.

Looks like the Bucs were right too…


Nuke I agree. The guy is feeling pain obviously. Maybe it just needs rest. Just because a Dr. Clears a guy doesn’t mean everything is A OK. Look at Derrick Rose from the Bulls.


I don’t get it either. Either it hurts when he throws, or it doesn’t. I don’t see how anything has changed since he last threw?

Nuke Laloosh

From being completely shut down and visiting Dr. Andrews to a possible rehab assignment seems crazy.

IC Bob

I guess this is good news but it seems like when pitchers start having issues in and around the elbow invariably they end up under the knife or they just loose all effectiveness (see Josh Johnson). I sure hope I am wrong. I think a healthy and effective Wandy give the Bucs a fighting chance against anybody.


Ya I mean if it still hurts why push it. We are running out of time. I say shut him down and hope he takes his option.


Any way you slice it, it sounds like Tommy John isn’t likely. So if anything the 2014 option might be worthwhile. Trying to be glass half full after a tough loss last night.

Stephen Brooks

That option comes at a cost to the Bucs of just 7.5 million. Which would make him the highest paid player on the Astros, and possibly the Pirates as well (tied with Cutch, and this assumes Frankie doesn’t hit all of his kickers).

Locke really needs a break from the rotation. Fortunately his next scheduled start is September 1 when rosters expand. Here’s hoping NH and CH have the foresight to take advantage.


FYI, the option became a player option when he was traded, so its up to him, not the Bucs if he will stay. If he had to go for TJ it woudl have been a huge sunk cost for us, this is excellent news. I will be much happier when I see him emerge from the rehab start OK. They are running out of time for minor league games, he may just have to go to instructs.

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