Pirates Have Six in John Sickels’ Top 75 Prospects

Jameson Taillon was the #12 prospect and the fourth best pitcher.
Jameson Taillon was the #12 prospect and the fourth best pitcher.

John Sickels released his top 75 prospects for the end of the season, and had six Pirates on the list. Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, Austin Meadows, Tyler Glasnow, Alen Hanson, and Reese McGuire all made the list, with several in the top 50.

Jameson Taillon was the first prospect ranked, ending up 12th on the list. Taijuan Walker, Archie Bradley, and Noah Syndergaard ranked ahead of Taillon, making him the fourth pitcher on the list. Syndergaard ranked one spot higher than Taillon, and Sickels said the debate between those two will be big this winter.

Gregory Polanco was next, ranked at number 21. He continues to rank in a lot of top 25 lists. Sickels had him number 50 in the pre-season, and said that he thinks Polanco will show more power eventually.

Austin Meadows was third on the list, ranking 29th. This is the first time that I’ve seen Meadows ranked in a top prospect list. He was the fourth highest 2013 pick, falling behind Kris Bryant, Jonathan Grey, and Mark Appel. He was one spot ahead of Clint Frazier.

Tyler Glasnow was the fourth ranked prospect, coming in at number 39. That gave the Pirates four players in the top 50.

Alen Hanson was fifth on the list, being ranked just outside the top 50 at number 51. Sickels said that his stock has stayed level, but that he could go lower. Hanson had a breakout year last year, but didn’t make a lot of noise this year. He entered the year with questions about his defense and with the ability to provide value with the bat. He moved up to Altoona, after having a good season in Bradenton, but those questions still exist about his defense.

Reese McGuire was the sixth ranked player, coming in at number 61. He was the tenth player from the 2013 draft who was ranked, despite being the 14th pick in the draft.

Nick Kingham was also listed in the honorable mentions section, so he could have a shot at Sickels top 100 at the end of the year.

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I predict Glasnow will be a better ML pitcher than Taillon.


I’m surprised to not see Kingham crack the top 75. It would be awesome to see him continue to improve and take a rotation spot in 2015 when we won’t have a.j , Wandy, and liriano around.


Agreed. And I hope we sign a mid rotation free agent this winter as well so a guy like Kingham isn’t necessarily needed next summer if he isn’t ready.


Does anyone want to see the general complaints about Taillon ? ” He doesn’t miss enough bats for a guy with his ability. His fastball doesn’t have enough movement ,its too straight. He doesn’t have enough command of his change up…blah blah blah “. Sound familiar ?


I believe those complaints just went 10-7 this season.

Steve Zielinski

“but those questions still exist about [Hanson’s] defense.”

Why? He cut his error rate. His errors motivated the questions. He addressed that problem.

He also returned to form after slow starts at Bradenton and Altoona. I’d not worry much about Hanson. He quietly enhanced his stock as far as I am concerned.


Inconsistency and occasional lack of focus is something that Pirates or Pittsburgh fans in general will not tolerate. I hope he cleans that part of his game up or he will be hated no matter how much he produces offensively.


So glad we didn’t play Scott Boras’ games with Mark Appel last year.


It looks like Meadows is going to possibly be a better player than Appel. Or he at least has a much better chance than people would have suggested in June. IMO Appel is a solid innings eating #2 starter. Meadows could be an all star caliber RF.

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