Pirates’ Playoff Roster Following Waiver Trade Deadline

Marlon Byrd Pittsburgh Pirates
Marlon Byrd was brought to Pittsburgh just before the playoff roster deadline. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The Pittsburgh Pirates submitted their playoff roster to Major League Baseball, and it includes every player on the active roster and disabled lists, and that is important for any team.

“You typically do try to set your roster with the core of 25 that you’d look for in the postseason on August 31,” Pirates general manager Neal Huntington said recently. “I wouldn’t read too much into it, [but] we were aggressive with a couple moves last year to get a couple young pitchers up that we felt were gonna be in a good position for us.”

Let’s review who those Core of 25 are, plus DL players:

Pittsburgh Pirates August 31 roster
** Represents players likely to remain injured, would be flex spots on the playoff roster. Kyle McPherson cannot be replaced for the playoffs.

Once again, anyone in the organization on Aug. 31 is eligible for a postseason roster. But if you want to look for the players most likely to appear for the Pirates in the playoffs, that chart is a good starting point.

For answers to most of your playoff roster questions (I hope), you can refer back to my piece from earlier this week. But here’s the gist: for most postseason series the Pirates will likely take 22 guys from the chart above, then will have 3 spots to use based on the opposing matchup.

Okay, so let’s try to lay down some projections for the playoffs.

Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates
Andrew McCutchen remains a top candidate for NL MVP. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Starting Lineup (vs. RHP)

  1. LF Starling Marte
  2. 2B Neil Walker
  3. CF Andrew McCutchen
  4. 3B Pedro Alvarez
  5. 1B Justin Morneau
  6. RF Marlon Byrd
  7. C Russell Martin
  8. SS Jordy Mercer

Adjust the order as you see fit; lineup order is overrated. But those are eight spots right there. Then you have…

Bench (vs. RHP)

  • C John Buck
  • 1B Gaby Sanchez
  • 1B/RF Garrett Jones
  • SS Clint Barmes
  • OF Jose Tabata

We can add a position player or two later, since teams will sometimes go with more than 13 hitters in a playoff series, but that group of five is most likely to be in every playoff series.

A.J. Burnett Pirates
A.J. Burnett lowered ERA to 3.09 this season after another quality start. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Starting Pitchers

  1. RHP A.J. Burnett
  2. LHP Francisco Liriano
  3. RHP Charlie Morton
  4. LHP Wandy Rodriguez

Okay, so this is where it gets tricky. Most playoff rosters operate a four-man rotation. That is mostly due to the schedule, which normally only gives teams a day off when they are traveling, and the fact that most teams who are good enough to make the playoffs have at least four good starters.

The question is, who would be in that Pirates rotation after Burnett and Liriano? If Rodriguez is healthy and able to make starts before season’s end, he should likely be involved. But beyond him, you could see a competition between Morton, Jeff Locke and Gerrit Cole for the last spot. Cole’s number of innings are a factor, but beyond that, manager Clint Hurdle may simply go with the hot hand.

Jason Grilli rehab
Jason Grilli threw one inning for Altoona on Saturday and should return to the Pirates soon. (Photo Credit: David Hague)


  • RHP Jason Grilli
  • RHP Mark Melancon
  • LHP Tony Watson
  • LHP Justin Wilson
  • RHP Vin Mazzaro

Each reliever here has an ERA below 2.75 and a WHIP below 1.20 this year. There will be more relievers than them (which we will get to in a moment), but it is easy to see Hurdle using this group as his first five men out of the bullpen in a playoff round.

Who Takes the “Flex” Spots?

Okay, we are at 22 players right now, so we can get to the flexible spots for the three injured players.

“We’ve got the substitute spots where we can run some guys in and out by series,” Huntington said. “So you look for matchups and you look for what a guy does to help you win.”

Here is a rundown of eligible players to flex in and out, and what situations would make sense for the Pirates to use them:

Gerrit Cole Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates’ plan for Gerrit Cole in September is all but a state secret. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Right-handed reliever with good stuff

  • Gerrit Cole
  • Jared Hughes
  • James McDonald
  • Bryan Morris
  • Stolmy Pimentel
  • Ryan Reid

Each one of these pitchers averages at least 93 mph on his fastball, with Cole clearly having the highest four-seam speed of the bunch. Each has his merits in a playoff series, and all have the ability to pitch multiple innings. If you are looking to overpower hitters, go for Cole or Pimentel. If you need ground balls and quick outs, Morris and Hughes can do that.

I know any mention of “James McDonald” and “playoff roster” in the same sentence is going to send segments of the population into an uproar, but let’s keep McDonald in mind if he returns to pitch a few innings in September. You may leave your anger in the comments, if you would like. It improves our SEO.

Jeff Locke Pittsburgh Pirates
Jeff Locke had incredible luck in the first half and terrible luck in the second half. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Starting ability

  • Brandon Cumpton
  • Jeanmar Gomez
  • Kris Johnson
  • Jeff Locke

Obviously Cole and Pimentel are starters as well, but their youth and innings counts will make starting in October a tough proposition.

Locke would be the top candidate to start, and he could easily out-pitch Morton and Rodriguez in September and earn a place in the playoff rotation. But even if he doesn’t, Hurdle has to feel comfortable tabbing him for a spot start if needed. The other three have all shown their stuff for the Pirates and could pitch several innings effectively.

Either Johnson or Locke could be added for a postseason series against St. Louis, given the Cardinals’ poor hitting versus left-handed pitching.

Tony Sanchez Pirates
Over his last two minor league seasons, Tony Sanchez has hit close to a .900 OPS against lefties. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Right-handed hitters

  • Russ Canzler
  • Chase d’Arnaud
  • Josh Harrison
  • Tony Sanchez
  • Jerry Sands

The top two candidates to grab a playoff roster spot would be Harrison and Sanchez. For either one, it depends on what you need.

Harrison has more Major League experience, speed and position flexibility. Sanchez crushed left-handed pitching in Triple-A and would be the all-important emergency catcher. Perhaps Sanchez will stay off the roster and only added if Martin or Buck gets injured.

Left-handed hitters

  • Andrew Lambo
  • Felix Pie
  • Travis Snider

One would expect all three men will see at-bats for the Pirates in September against right-handed pitching, so each has the opportunity to prove himself. Any one is a viable option as a bench bat against a playoff opponent that carries a lot of righty relievers, but Pie is the only one who can effectively play all three outfield spots and bring speed as a pinch-runner.

Those are the names the Pirates can turn to in October. The only question left is, where will the Pirates find themselves when the calendar turns to that fabled championship month?

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Well there is one win Snider really helped us earn. I hope he doesn’t get stuck deep on the bench and is considered for the playoffs. He reminds me so much of Brandon Moss. Just have some patience. He is not like Presley or some others that obviously were never will bes.

Dom DiDominic

Lineup v LHP really improved:
Marte LF
Mercer SS
‘Cutch CF
Byrd RF
Alvarez 3B
Martin C
Sanchez 1B
Walker 2B

As Tim said, you can move everyone after Byrd around. I would like to add Barmes for Walker with Morton on the mound. Can even make a case for Harrison at 3B.
Wish Clint would have put Sanchez at third a little more often this year, could really make a case to have him in for Alvarez. With Pedro’s errors, how much would they really lose v LH starter?


Count me in the you’re crazy if you believe either JMac or Lunchbox Hero are going to help Pirates in October camp. Hope I eat some of That James Santelli Blue Plate special Crow when one or both prove me wrong.


Wow. You are putting Wandy in the first 22. Hard to assume he will be healthy (and stretched out) to be included.
Cole is going to be on the playoff roster. So will Jenmar. His versatility in a short series can’t be overlooked.

To me it comes down to the last bench spot. Harrison vs Pie. Harrison gets the nod because of his flexibility to play the infield. (Neil Walker vs lefties anyone?) especially if we get Dodgers…..
Don’t see how Locke makes the 25, unless he has a 180 in September.


I would say it’s about 50-50 Wandy would be ready to start a game in the NLDs. He has even said he might start in the bullpen when he comes back. It looks like the Pirates might go to a 6-man rotation for the rest of the year, as they have only one more off-day. So Locke will get a couple more starts. But I agree, unless he really shows something, I would not include him on the 25-man. I would rather have Cole and Jeanmar.


You guys can call me crazy but we haven’t heard the end of Travis Snider yet this season. I think he’s going to make a big impact this month.

Lee Young

OK…….you’re crazy!


NorCal Buc

Foo – Ahh, be nice to Calipari. Besides, he is right, Travis Snider will make an impact in the playoffs


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