Playoff Race Updates: Cardinals Close to Taking the Top Seed

CardinalsIn order for the Pirates to clinch the NL Central, they needed to sweep the Reds, have the Cubs sweep the Cardinals, and then win a one game tiebreaker on Monday against St. Louis. Basically, we knew that the Cardinals were going to win. And tonight they clinched it early with a 7-0 win over the Cubs.

Wild Card

Pirates 8, Reds 3

The Pirates win gave them home field in the Wild Card game against the Reds on Tuesday. That game will be played at 8:07 PM EST.

Playoff Seeding

Cardinals 6, Cubs 2

Phillies 5, Braves 4

The Cardinals won and the Braves lost, giving the Cardinals a one game lead for home field advantage. One more St. Louis win or Atlanta loss means the Cardinals clinch home field advantage in the playoffs. If the Pirates win the Wild Card game, they would play whoever has the top seed in baseball. Based on their records this year against each team, it would be better if the Pirates played the Cardinals, as they’ve done a better job against St. Louis than they have against Atlanta.

1. St. Louis

2. Atlanta

3. Los Angeles

4. Pittsburgh

5. Cincinnati

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Atlanta has the tiebreaker over St. Louis so if they win and the Cards lose, Atlanta gets the top seed.

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