According to an AP report this morning, Dusty Baker is out as the manager for the Cincinnati Reds. No word on whether Baker was fired, or reached an agreement with the Reds to end his contract early. He had one year and about $3.5 M left on his deal. Buster Olney suggests that the loss to the Pirates played a big role, and that it was the Reds owners that wanted a change.

This will shake up the NL Central next year, if only because the Reds no longer have a manager who makes highly questionable moves, abuses young arms, and somehow keeps getting jobs at $3.5 M per year.

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  1. When you have, the arguably the best hitter in the NL, signed to a 10 year 200 million plus contract, and the manager openly questions his approach you might have some issues.

  2. My only hope is the Reds don’t get a good manager, I liked the fact Dusty was their manager, this is a black day for the Pirates.

  3. I never liked Dusty as a manager, but like all managers he had his good points, but, field managing was not one of them IMO.

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