Hurdle: Everybody is available in the bullpen

Clint Hurdle held his pre-game press conference with the media today, and was asked a few questions about the availability of certain players. Hurdle declined to name a game five starter, if that would be necessary. However, he did say that everyone would be available out of the bullpen today.

When asked whether A.J. Burnett or Gerrit Cole could be used in relief, Hurdle’s response was vague.

“I think we’ll say everybody is available,” Hurdle said.

If the Pirates go to game five, the best option to start would be Gerrit Cole. A.J. Burnett has struggled in St. Louis, and didn’t have a great start in his first outing this series. Cole had a lot of success against the Cardinals, and has been lights out since the middle of September.

The more immediate concern is that Charlie Morton has struggled against the Cardinals. The Pirates might need to turn to the bullpen today if Morton struggles again. Long relief options could include Jeanmar Gomez, who pitched four innings in relief for Burnett in game one. The Pirates could also opt to go with Burnett if he’s not the starter tomorrow.

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Just a point off the top of my head, and I don’t know the numbers or anything, but as far as Jeanmar Gomez goes, he’s a pretty similar pitcher to Morton. I don’t see why we’d want to turn to another RH two-seamer GB guy if the first one fails because it’s a match up problem. I think people are forgetting that our problems aren’t immediately solved if we pull Morton…

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