Clint Hurdle Wins the NL Manager of the Year Award

For the second time this off-season, Clint Hurdle has won a Manager of the Year award. Hurdle was named the NL Manager of the Year tonight by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Previously he was named the NL Manager of the Year by The Sporting News. Tonight Hurdle beat out Fredi Gonzalez of the Braves and Don Mattingly of the Dodgers, taking 25 of 30 first place votes.

There’s not much to say about Hurdle that wasn’t said the last time around. He does make some questionable decisions, but a lot of those decisions are the same ones that are made by every other manager in baseball. Hurdle gets a lot of credit for his work in the clubhouse to keep the players focused. That¬†allowed the Pirates to go the whole season without losing more than four games in a row, and prepared them to perform well in almost every big game of the season. Hurdle also gets credit for signing off on the defensive shifts, which isn’t something that every manager would stand behind.

For more on why Hurdle deserves this award, check out my post from last month explaining why this is more than just a team award.

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To me- Bruce Benedict and Neil Huntington really deserve all the credit. I’ll give Hurdle the credit for clubhouse stuff, but I can out manage him on a baseball diamond, and i’m not joking. You have to do both well in order to be the manager of the year, and he didn’t. Keeping players like Brandon Inge on the roster so long, refusing to give Mercer more time early in the season and reverting back to Barmes despite our need for offense in the playoffs……..all very suspect decisions, and i don’t think other managers would have made similar mistakes.


What a great man and manager. Yes, he still makes a myriad of baffling #Hurdled decisions. But as evidenced by the defensive shifts this year, there is a possibility that Clint will grow from this and start making better strategic decisions.

But there can be no doubt as to his real value- as motivator, mentor, and heart and soul of this team. He deserved this award, and will lead the Bucs to greater heights in the future.

Let’s Go Bucs!

NorCal Buc

Hurdle “ADMITTED”, in his interview, that he encouraged his players to play especially hard, for an upcoming series, because, as he told the players, he would SURELY BE OUT-MANAGED!


What school of management teaches the philosophy of “reverse self-seprivation” before their employees. The Hurdle School!

Hurdle is absolutely brilliant – 57,72,79,98 (w/playoffs)


Big fan of Hurdle, so very happy to see this. I always remarked to all the naysayers regarding his in game decisions: say something BEFORE the decision in the game thread , and let’s see how it works out. It’s way too easy to talk crap about the guys decisions after the fact,

NorCal Buc

PRICELESS interview of Clint on The respect and admiration of his peers on the mlb network is impressive.

Nearly three years to the day, according to Clint, he and Misters Nutting, Huntington and Coonelly have essentially completed arguably the MOST remarkable rebuilding job in sports.

Congrtulations Clint!


Whoda thunk old ball Clint would be the darling of the SABR crowd for the increase in defensive shifts employed? Over 400 during 2013 after only a little over 100 in 2012.


The only thing I don’t understand is how F. Gonzalez get 3 first place votes? Anyway congrats to Clint, well deserved!!


Very well deserved and I agree with you that NH deserved the Executive of the Year. All we need is for Andrew McCutchen to win the MVP.



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