MLB Owners Approve Instant Replay For the 2014 Season

Major League Baseball owners had their annual meetings today, and a big topic of discussion was the installation of instant replay in baseball starting in 2014. According to Ken Rosenthal, the owners approved funding for instant replay.

The next steps will be for the union and the umpires to approve of the addition of instant replay, although Rosenthal says that shouldn’t be an issue. It remains to be seen what the specific rules will be for replay. Some of the proposed rules have been talked about, but I’d imagine the finalized version will come out soon now that replay is almost official.

UPDATE 12:27 PM: Rosenthal says that it will be two challenges per game, with no distinction on innings.

Previously we had heard that MLB would have three challenges, with one allowed in the first six innings, and two allowed in the final three innings. That system made no sense, and it’s good to see a change. No word yet on whether the limit of two means they get two challenges, or two incorrect challenges.

Rosenthal also says that fans can expect in-game replay on the scoreboard, which is something James Santelli reported as a possibility back in September.

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Bob Martin

If the Pitcher throws a pitch before a manager makes a decision to challenge does that take away the challenge? This surely could speed up games.


yeh, but do they lose a timeout if their challenge fails?

Also, since a lot of these managers are retired, will we have a DRFT (Designated Red Flag Thrower)?

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