Pirates Have Been Making Calls on High Upside Starters

Travis Sawchik of the Trib reports through a source that the Pittsburgh Pirates have been making calls on high upside starters early in free agency.

Earlier today we learned that the Pirates haven’t heard from Burnett on whether he is retiring or coming back to play in 2014. It makes sense that the Pirates would be making most of their calls to “high upside” guys. The free agent market is pretty weak at the positions where the Pirates need to upgrade. If they’re looking at first base, right field, and shortstop, then they have limited choices at each position. By comparison, there are a lot of high upside pitching candidates on the market, which means you’re going to be checking with all of them to find the best combination of price and the best candidate to bounce back.

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While there might not be a ton of options at shortstop, a few of the options there fit perfectly into our range and needs for the position. I would definitely go after Peralta, no doubt.


Roberto Hernandez please.

Chris Hale

Fausto Carmona?

Chris Hale

I would really like to see the Pirates go get an ace and sign him long term to pitch with Cole and Taillon for the 5 years. Spend the big bucks for once. But why? They have shown the ability to pitch with anyone with their current formula. Signing high upside bounce back candidates like Liriano and Burnett has worked and will continue to work with the Pirates coaches. I’m starting to think Ray Searage is a genius. He turned Correia from a #5 /long reliever into an all -star LOL Liriano and Burnett into 15 game winners

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