Pittsburgh Pirates Minor League Free Agents

Ivan De Jesus is a minor league free agent. (Photo Credit: David Hague)
Ivan De Jesus is a minor league free agent. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

Matt Eddy of Baseball America has the full list of Minor League Free Agents, including the following players from the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

RHP: David Bromberg (AA), Brooks Brown (AAA), Erik Cordier (AAA), Jason Erickson (Hi A), Graham Godfrey (AAA), Doug Mathis (AAA), Luis Sanz (AA), Kyle Waldrop (AAA), Kurt Yacko (R)
LHP: Dan Cevette (AA), Jhonathan Ramos (AA), Atahualpa Severino (AAA)
C: Francisco Diaz (Lo A), Devin Ivany (Hi A), Lucas May (AAA), Miguel Perez (AA), Ali Solis (AA)
1B: Russ Canzler (AAA)
2B: Ivan De Jesus Jr. (AAA), Oscar Tejeda (AA)
3B: Jared Goedert (AAA)
SS: Brian Bocock (AAA)
OF: Brett Carroll (AAA)Miles Durham* (Lo A), Darren Ford (AAA), Anthony Norman* (Hi A)

Here are the highlights:

David Bromberg – He was signed as a minor league free agent last year, had a great season in Altoona, and has been doing well in winter ball this off-season. He looks like really good upper level depth, but has the chance to be MLB relief depth going forward.

Erik Cordier – He was consistently hitting triple digits with his fastball with Indianapolis, but lacked control.

Ivan De Jesus – A lot of people wanted him to get a shot in the majors. In the last year he has cleared waivers, was outrighted by Boston, was acquired by the Pirates in the Joel Hanrahan trade, then was left in Triple-A all season. He put up some good offensive numbers, but lacked defensive skill, and can really only be an option at second. That limits his value to a depth option, and is probably why no team has given him a shot on a 40-man roster in the last year.

Russ Canzler – The Pirates added him in a trade for Tim Alderson, with the idea that he could be depth off the bench. That depth wasn’t needed after they traded for Justin Morneau and Marlon Byrd. Alderson is also a free agent.

Atahualpa Severino – I finally memorized the spelling of his name. That’s all.

Overall there aren’t many strong players who are leaving.

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Whatever happened to Kyle Waldrop? Thought he looked like a good find.

And how is this line from Ivan DeJesus – .319/.380/.457/.837, with a .376 wOBA and a 134 wRC+ – not getting anyone’s attention? Is the defense really THAT bad? Am I missing something else?


I’m with you on DeJesus. I never got to see him play, so maybe he his numbers don’t reflect his play. He did play a fair amount of SS for Indy this year, so his D can’t be a total butcher.

It reminds me a bit of Jeff Keppinger – a good bat with limited fielding skills. Maybe the talent evaluators know something the numbers don’t show, but it seems like he deserves a chance to be, at least, a better Josh Harrison.


jg, I’m with you. The only way to ignore those offensive numbers is if he wears his glove on the wrong hand in the field. If I remember correctly, he was supposed to be a decent fielder (even at SS) then had a knee injury, which killed his defense, presumably taking his range away.

How about moving him to 3B and Pedro to 1B? I know IDJ isn’t the prototypical 3B with power, but that OBP would look great at leadoff and moving Marte lower in the order. And the Bucs look to get more than league average power at CF, SS, 2B, 1b (if it’s Pedro) and maybe C too, so they could afford to go with a lighter hitting 3B that brings the OBP skills they really don’t have anywhere in the lineup.

Wilbur Miller

Waldrop got hurt just a few games into the season and missed the rest of the year.


Why couldn’t Ivan be a RH platoon at 2b?

He must be really awful at 2b!

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