Winter Leagues: Matt Hague Hits Second Homer in Loss

In the Dominican on Tuesday night, Matt Hague went 1-for-5 with a solo homer and a walk in his team’s 7-3 loss in 12 innings. He hit the home run off of Jose Contreras. It was the second homer of the season for Hague, who is hitting .293 with four RBI’s.

In that same game, Atahualpa Severino came in with the bases loaded, one out and his team down 3-1 in the sixth inning. He struck out the first batter, then got Eugenio Velez to line out to left field to end the inning with no damage. That was the end of the night for Severino, who has allowed two runs over 5.1 innings while picking up eight strikeouts.

Catcher Carlos Paulino got his first start in almost a week and went 1-for-2 with a single, sacrifice bunt and he stole his first base of the season. He is 5-for-20 in seven games.

In Mexico, Ali Solis went 2-for-3 with a double, walk and run scored. He is now hitting .340 in 50 AB’s.

The list of minor league free agents has been announced. You will recognize some of the names from Winter ball. When/if they sign with another team, we will stop mentioning them here. Likewise, when a new players signs with the organization and that players is playing Winter ball, we will add them to the daily watch.

  • John, That’s no fair, getting our hopes up that Hague might be doing pretty well and then later telling us the HR came off Contreras. Severino’s scoreless 2/3 of an inning should have been the headline, it’s more impressive than any HR off Jose 🙂

    • Not gonna lie, Contreras is probably one of the top ten pitchers in the league right now, probably 8-10 range. Severino’s outing was a nice one, but Hague’s name sells stories.

      • I’ll trust your expertise John, but if it’s catchy headlines you want, can I suggest using “Hitman” instead of “Hague”

        • They call Hague “The Hit Collector” and it fits pretty good. Led International League in hits this season and he also did it in 2011. If he shows some power in Winter ball, maybe he will catch a break somewhere next year

          • Seriously, “The Hit Collector”? That’s way too cumbersome. No wonder nobody’s given him a real chance yet. Make it “The Hitman” and he’ll have a job in the majors next year. Seriously, if he adds any power this offseason, I hope it’s the Bucs that give him that chance.

            • If you believe the accepted player peak/timeline of age 28-32 as the peak years, Hague will be in his prime next season. You can expect the best production you’ll see from him, so just maybe he will get the chance on the bench. Obviously not every player will have their best years from age 28-32, but percentages say there’s a good chance he will. I think he wanted the Hitman nickname, but Mike Easler objected vehemently.

      • John, is there a reason Greg polanco hasn’t played for escogido in last 2 games? Thanks

        • There have been questions on Twitter(In Spanish) from people asking if he was injured the other day, but no one is answering. I was watching the game on Sunday and Polanco was slow to get up after making an awkward attempt at a ball in the gap, though he stayed in the game until the end. Polanco hasn’t said anything and neither has the team or any newspapers covering the game. If we hear anything, there will be an update, but it could be a case of a planned rest or he may just have somewhere to go. Last year, Starling Marte left the team twice, once to return to the States for some award, the other was a scheduled break, agreed on by the Pirates, Escogido and Marte.