Pirates Resuming Talks About Signing James Loney

Buster Olney reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates are resuming talks about signing James Loney.

Yesterday all of the rumors surrounded trade options. Those included rumors that the Pirates were looking at Adam Lind and Logan Morrison. So far, a lot of the trade prices have been insane. The Blue Jays reportedly wanted Neil Walker for Adam Lind. Walker is worth one win per year more than Lind was in 2013, which was his best season over the last few years. Plus, Walker plays a harder position to fill. Other rumors have the Angels and Diamondbacks close to a deal that could land Los Angeles two top pitching prospects for Mark Trumbo.

James Loney was asking for three years and $27-30 M total. Personally I think he ends up signing for less, especially since there are very few teams looking for first basemen, and the two teams most interested in him (the Pirates and the Rays) have budget limitations.




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Frank Restly

Still think the Pirates should look at trading for Eric Hosmer (K. C.).


As time goes on prices come down, reality sinks in on some players and the Pirates are in no hurry, I still think Loney is the best of what the Pirates can get for 1st base, he is a full time first basemen and very adequate. The Pirates don’t need a star at every position at this point in their development, a good solid 1st basemen will do.


I agree! Loney is under valued by many because he isn’t a big power first baseman. That should work to our advantage in price. My opinion is Loney is a perfect fir right now for us. He won’t cost a player, he won’t break the bank. He plays great defense, has good clutch hitting. He gets on base and has good doubles power and some home run power. I could see 15-20 HRs with the short porch in right at PNC.

Mr. Goodkat

Sounds like the Pirates are exploring all options and trying to get the best deal (no doubt by leveraging the offers against eachother).

Continue on with The Waiting Game.

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