Pirates Send Kyle Haynes to the Yankees in the Chris Stewart Trade

The Pirates have traded Kyle Haynes to the Yankees.
The Pirates have traded Kyle Haynes to the Yankees.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have sent right-handed pitcher Kyle Haynes to the New York Yankees to complete the Chris Stewart trade. Haynes was a 20th round draft pick in 2012, and put up some strong numbers this year. He had a 2.38 ERA in 83.1 innings with West Virginia, spending most of the season in the bullpen, but moving to the rotation at the end of the year. Haynes wasn’t in our top 50 prospects in the 2014 Prospect Guide, but we did give him a 3.0 grade with high risk, meaning he has a chance to be an up and down player in the majors. Since he is no longer in the system, and will no longer be in the book, here is his report.

Haynes was a reliever heading into the year, sitting in the 93-94 MPH range with his fastball, and touching 96 in the past. He’s got good life on the pitch, attacking the zone and using a fastball-heavy approach. After success in West Virginia during the early part of the season, he moved to the rotation where the strong results continued. As a starter, Haynes was sitting 90-92 MPH with his fastball. He also mixed in his low-80s curveball, but still mostly leaned on the fastball. He doesn’t profile as a starter in the majors, but if he can improve his curveball he could develop into a strong reliever.

  • CalipariFan506
    December 11, 2013 4:10 pm

    IMO Sanchez is also better suited working with Kingham and Taillon as much as possible so he can have good repore with them the following season when he will hopefully be catching them each 33 times.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    December 11, 2013 1:30 pm

    Disappointing news regarding this trade – we gave up a young pitcher with good stuff, and coming off a strong season, for a 30+ catcher who cannot hit. I think making Tony Sanchez the backup this year, in prep for possibly being the starter in 2015, would have made far more sense. Senseless trade in my IMHO.

    • Don’t put all of your stock in a Catcher’s offense. Stewart was gotten for his defense and pitch framing.

      Haynes was nothing but org depth for us. I don’t think we gave up much at all.

      Personally, I liked the deal. If Tony is gonna be our starting catcher in 2015, he’s better suited getting lots of AAA ABs than riding the pines in the majors.


  • I think a lot of Pirates fans are like me, they hate to see any prospect given up. I hated it when I saw Vic Black pitching in a Mets uniform.
    Maybe things like the Jason Bay trade has something to do with it or guys like Bautista and Moss turning it around or just the years of not having a minor league system to speak of. Doesn’t matter if it’s a fair trade or even if it’s necessary to give up a little more to fill a need it just hurts to let anybody go.

  • Tim,

    Do you anticipate the Pirates sign McHenry to a minor league
    contract (non 40 man spot) with invite (if he is healthy) or does
    he go someplace else?

    • It’s possible they could try to re-sign him. I would think that he’s #4 on the depth chart now behind Martin, Stewart, and Sanchez. He might want to try and go for a better situation.

  • Seems like the Pirates gave up a lot for a guy that was being cut. Haynes was not organizational depth and that is what they should have given up for Stewart IMO.

    • Haynes is about what you’d expect to give up for a guy like Stewart. Best case, Haynes makes it as a middle reliever, which has similar value to a backup catcher. More likely is that Haynes becomes a guy who could be used as depth, which has a lower value. Or, like any prospect, he could fail to make it at all.

      I included the grades from our new ratings system in the post above. I don’t classify Haynes as a career minor leaguer (2.0), but I don’t think he’s got an overly strong shot at being an MLB player. If you’re talking about a good backup catcher in exchange for a guy who has a chance to put up the same value one day, that sounds like a fair deal.

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