Toronto Asked For Neil Walker in Return For Adam Lind

Shi Davidi of reports that the Toronto Blue Jays were approached by the Pittsburgh Pirates about first baseman Adam Lind, but that talks quickly fizzled when the Blue Jays asked about Neil Walker in return. Earlier today we heard a rumor that the Pirates were exploring trade options, including Lind. That was the second time the Pirates had been linked to Toronto’s first baseman.

Davidi says that Toronto isn’t looking to move Lind, but that they’ve checked on some of the other available free agents and trade options on the market in the event they could find a trade partner. It sounds like they are going for the classic “trade a player for a big return, then replace him with someone of equal value for an overall net profit” plan that you see on blogs and message boards. It’s hard to pull off, because the other team can just go sign James Loney or make a lesser trade for Mitch Moreland or Logan Morrison.

Lind has three years of team control, with two of them being option years. Walker is basically under the same situation, with three years of team control, and the ability to non-tender him after each season. So a Walker for Lind deal might make sense from Toronto’s perspective, although Walker would have much more value since he’s cheaper and plays a harder position to fill.

  • Not happening. The citizens of Pittsburgh over value Walker no doubt. Me included. He is a beloved leader of this team by the yinzers. He is also undervalued by Pirate fans outside the city. Most of which see no value in a hometown player like Walker. Come talk to me after Walker has a 280 avg and 20 Hrs in 2014

  • The other teams know that the Pirates do not want to pay the going rate for players, so they will be trying to squeeze them on trades. A Harrison for Morrison deal is a complete joke, we might as well kept GI rather than a scrub like Morrison. I don’t want to hear Morrison is cheaper, the objective of Huntington is to put the best team on the field, and don’t be fooled they do have the funds to do it if they were interested in winning.
    Right now losing Byrd, Morneau and perhaps AJ, how can you say we’re better off today than last year. Adding players like Morrison are a weak and cheap excuse from ownership to support the team like the fans have done, especially this past year.

  • A source of mine just indicated that a Josh Harrison for Logan Morrison trade is “gaining traction.”

  • No thanks to Adam Lind! How about we offer Travis Snider for Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista!

    • Come on, thats extremely unrealistic! Be serious…Travis Snider would only bring back one of the two…haha

  • Just say no on Lind. Toronto would kill to get rid of him. The Jays sent him to Triple-A at age 28 because he forgot how to hit.

  • Hahahaha

  • Tim, yeah my apologies I had posted this over at the other article, but my thoughts are the same…Walker has a lot more value than Lind and with the Blue Jays asking for Neil at the beginning it became essentially a non-starter.

  • LOL, insanity.

    • Gotta ask and guage the stupidity of the other team’s GM. Walker can play C, 3B, 2B, and would be a very good 1B if the Pirates asked him to make the move – nice tme to work out a long term contract that will keep him in Pittsburgh for at least 6 more years.

      • Walker at a 1B platoon with Sanchez is a very interesting idea! If Hanson were any closer to MLB ready than he is this might work and be a lot less expensive than obtaining Loney. Unfortunately the Pirates simply don’t have the infield depth to have the flexibility to consider this idea.

        Another alternative for Walker would be to move him back to third if Pedro is traded with two arbitration years remaining next offseason. Not saying I am up for trading Pedro, but that is when he’ll have maximum trade value. The next alternative is to let him play out his contract, make the QO and take the Comp pick. We’ll never be able to sign Pedro to his next contract. The Pirates could move Walker back to third then if they still want to keep him.