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Winter Leagues: Two Hits For Polanco, Lambo and Ramirez

In the Dominican on Thursday night, Gregory Polanco went 2-for-3 with a walk and two runs scored in his team’s 11-1 win. He reached base four times in Wednesday’s game. Polanco is hitting .331 and has reached base 67 times in 35 games.

Andrew Lambo is hitting .364 in his last nine games
Andrew Lambo is hitting .364 in his last nine games

Alen Hanson went 1-for-3 with a single, walk and stolen base. He made a fielding error on his first chance of the game and had just one play the rest of the day.

Carlos Paulino went 1-for-4 with a stolen base and two strikeouts. He is hitting .218 through 20 games, with just one extra base hit and two RBIs. He has been getting playing time though, due to his strong defense, which has been praised around the league.

Graham Godfrey made his Winter debut, throwing a scoreless inning in relief for Escogido(same team as Polanco). Godfrey spent most of the season with Indianapolis after coming over from the Boston Red Sox in a late-May trade. He is currently a minor league free agent.

In Venezuela, Andrew Lambo went 2-for-3 with an RBI. He was pinch-hit for in the eighth inning with the game out of hand. Lambo was back at first base and made his first error there. He has been on a tear at the plate, going 12-for-33 in his last nine games, with ten RBIs.

In Colombia from Wednesday night, Harold Ramirez went 2-for-3 with two walks, a run scored and a stolen base. Ramirez raised his batting average to .372 and he has a .974 OPS in 21 games. He will play in the league’s All-Star game on Saturday.

In Puerto Rico, Benji Gonzalez went 1-for-3 with a single and sacrifice bunt. He’s hitting .381 through eight games. Ivan De Jesus Jr. went 1-for-4 with a double. He is batting .289 through 28 games, with 22 walks and 17 runs scored. De Jesus is still a free agent.

In Australia from Friday, Danny Arribas went 1-for-3 with a double and two RBI’s. He raised his average over the .200 mark and doubled his season RBI output. The double was the third extra base hit in 16 games for Arribas.

Sam Kennelly went 0-for-2 with two walks and a run scored. He was at second base again, where he spent all of last week after splitting his time between second and first base early in the year. He has not made an error at either spot. In the ninth inning, he moved over to shortstop for the first time all season. Kennelly was signed as a shortstop, but during his two years in the ABL, he has played all four infield positions.

Nick Hutchings has been activated for this weekend. The 17-year-old pitcher played at the Australian Baseball Academy this Summer and dominated the hitters, leading the league in both strikeouts with 33 and with an 0.70 ERA in 25.2 innings. Hutchings pitched five times in the Australian League last year, giving up one run over six innings and he had ten strikeouts.

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I would be ecstatic if Allie could learn to hit a curveball/off speed stuff… I don’t wanna write him off yet, because he seems extremely competitive.


The reason to not write-off Allie just yet is simple: age. Consider this: Allie was 22 years of age playing in WV and Bradenton last year, Andrew Lambo is three years older and was in AA and AAA last year. Tony Sanchez is 25 and looks to be heading back to AAA again this year. Stetson is still young enough and new enough to the developmental process for fielders/hitters that he’s more than capable of becoming a prospect again, and pretty quickly. If he continues to progress like he did last year he would be a contender to be in the majors at the age of 25…again that is way too early to discuss, but from an age and developmental standpoint he’s still young and should have the fullest opportunity to develop his power-skillset.

Remember this, as well, for all Allie’s strikeouts and his problems when he got up to Bradenton, he still managed a .342 OBP at Bradenton and does walk a decent amount (he had 77 bb last year while Polanco had 52)…it was his SLG, not his OBP, which failed him as he put up a .697 OPS. If he hits more than 4 HRs and puts up more like a .450-.470 OPS he’s got a decent OPS.

I am only saying this because Allie does have the ability and he just needs the time to develop…remember he has 630 total ABs in the minor leagues…the equivalent of one full season and a half of a half-season.


Nice problem to have in your minors when you have 3 center fielders in your outfield and might be exactly like that in Pittsburgh before the 2014 season is over. Exciting to think about the Pirates outfields future if we don’t have to trade too many of those guys away.


Hey John,

I have plenty of reasons why I suggest these moves but do not want to bore you with an overly long message (I was going to email you, but did not have the address) with information that you already know. I do, however, want to ask you this: looking at the Pirates lack of corner infield prospects in the system and the overwhelming strength at the OF and C positions I am a strong advocate of an immediate switch of Josh Bell to 1B and Wyatt Mathisen to 2B/3B, what do you think? At Bell’s body-type he can easily add another 10-15lbs of muscle if he didn’t have to patrol the outfield, making him a body very similar to that of Ryan Howard. With Bell’s bat and his athleticism I would imagine he’d come, quickly, to profile as a highly-regarded 1B prospect. With Mathisen I think the switch is even easier. He plays shortstop in high school and played it pretty well. Considering his athleticism, his release, and his strong and accurate arm you’d imagine that he could play the infield quite easily. Health-wise it might be easier for him to continue to develop with the bat if he wasn’t behind the plate as well. I don’t know if he’d ever develop enough power to grade out well at 3B, but potentially at 2B. The Pirates have had some success with these types of moves before: Neil Walker as an example. Doing these type of moves now would give the gentlemen time to get used to the roles and develop. Small market teams need to get the most out of their systems; utilizing an area of strength like the OF and C positions to fill areas of weakness, infield prospects, is a smart and viable way to do that.

Just wondering your thoughts,


Thanks, John. Glad to know I am not crazy with my thoughts on Bell and Mathisen.

As a side-note, I absolutely hate the switch-hitting that is going on, especially since very few players are capable of being actually good switch hitters. Take Neil Walker as an example, his numbers are so bad against left handers when he hits from the right-side that I honestly think he could do as well hitting left-handed if he actually practiced it and gave himself the chance.

Switch-hitting is a difficult skill and one that should be utilized if able…but hitting for a .519 OPS vs. a .805 OPS and continue to try to hit that way is ridiculous. Neil Walker had 18 hits in 80 ABs vs lefties last year and only 1 extra base hit…yes, I do think he could do that batting left-handed opposed to switching over to the right-hand side. Same with Bell…he should just stick to hitting left-handed.


I’ll take Ken Griffey Jr. and he can stay swinging it lefty…and play 1B!


So where does Ramirez begin the 2014 season?


Thanks, and thanks too for the great job you guys do.



Maybe this question has been asked and addressed sometime before, I haven’t paid too close attention. But in the winter leagues can the Pirates dictate where they want their players to be played in the field? In other words, are they telling the managers in Venezuela that they want Lambo to get more time at first base? Do they have to comply?


Lambo still does not have a HR, is that right? Hopefully, he gets hot and stays hot in the winter leagues until spring training…last year was a great year for Lambo and hopefully he can continue in his development. I don’t know if he’s the answer in RF/1B, but if he can improve in the winter leagues and continue that progress he’s definitely deserving of a shot in RF/1B…although, I hope we have a 1B by then.


Lambo deserves a shot… former top prospect who’s status was downgraded for marijuana usage. Hardly a crime. After seeing the HR he hit in Cincinatti (approx. 423 ft) he had me sold on at least a 50 game trial at RF or 1B.


Looks like Lambo’s “spring training” is over. But he made an error. Haters gonna hate.


And ladies and gents, he’s heating up!


my thoughts exactly. I have been stumping for Lambo at 1b, all offseason. It depends on how badly (or well) he plays 1b. Could be he any worse than Jones? (don’t answer that 🙂 ).




the phillies signed byrd for 2 years 16mill i think the pirates should have signed him and when polanco comes up maybe he could have played first base, then we wouldnt need Loney which looks like it will cost more. he hits better than Loney, might not have the defense but he’s a good athlete with practice i think he could have been adequate. thoughts?


Don’t forget that Byrd is 36 years-old and has a recent drug suspension. Also he was mediocre at best in 2011-12 – had an OPS 132 points worse than Garrett Jones – before putting up a career year at age 36. I wouldn’t even think of doing a deal like the Phils did. Maybe 1 year for $6M and I’m not sure I’d do that. Their contract will look terrible in 2015.

Tim Williams

I don’t think Loney is going to cost more than $8 M per year. His demands are $9-10 M, and no one is meeting that. Even at those demands, if I had a choice between Byrd learning first base at $8 M, or Loney playing excellent defense at $9 M, I’d take Loney.


I would really like to see Lambo get a real shot at either RF or first base this Spring – and I will be pulling for him to succeed. For some reason, I just really like this kid….he’s overcome a lot in his young life and now seems to be firmly planted.


I agree. I liked this guy ever since we picked him up (can’t remeber who we sent to LA for him, was it Dotel?)! I’ve followed his ups and downs, and think he may have found his stroke. I’ve been an every day reader since June of 2010, and cannot thank you enough for the site. Thanks for the info, Tim!

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