Edinson Volquez threw a bullpen today, which was his second bullpen of Spring Training. Today was the first time since camp began that Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle had a chance to watch Volquez throw a bullpen. He had seem him throw before, including about a month ago in mini-camp.

“I thought it was clean and efficient,” Hurdle said of today’s session.

Russell Martin caught Volquez, and said that he could tell Volquez had a plus changeup. He also noted that Volquez was throwing the breaking ball for strikes.

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    • Thanks for sharing this video Frank! Kershaw’ over the top delivery and 12/6 break add to the deception. No wonder he is the best.

  1. I’m surprised that if the Pirates are taking a chance on Volquez that they didn’t get an option year out it.
    Based on PNC dynamics, Pirates strong deffense, and Martins pitch framing Volquez should have better numbers. Martin alone will make him look like he has better control.

    • Wow, my thoughts exactly. I was going to ask Tim if it is gone, or up under his hat? Looks like mid-80’s on the FB, at least 10-12 mph less on the straight change. The curve looks good also, but many were up in the zone, which could just be a courtesy to the Catcher at this point. Love to see him spotting that thing about 6″ off the ground.

  2. These video shots are terrific Tim, thanks!

    Comparing early video of Taillon and Volquez it looks like Taillon is doing a better job at keeping the ball down, while Volquez’s spinners have more break.

  3. It did look like he was throwing more strikes this session that the other one you posted . Just curious if his velocity looked good to you ?

    • The other one I posted was only four pitches. No clue on any velocity for any pitcher at this point. There are no radar guns. Also, it’s early in camp, so most guys aren’t trying to throw full speed to being with. Thus, probably why there are no radar guns out.

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