Watch Josh Bell and Stetson Allie Take Batting Practice at the Same Time (Video)

  • Bell looks like he could use another 2-3 yrs in the weight room. He still looks like he has a skinny lower half. Allie is MUCH more stout and strong in his lower half, plus he looks smoother since he releases his top hand post swing while Bell doesn’t

  • Definately looking at the future competition for 1b in the show.
    Allie looks great. A natural.
    Bell looks like he wan’t to kill everything. I kinda like that.
    A little giggle here as I’m dreaming on these two developing into a killer combo at the plate. They are the power on the farm to watch IMO.

  • Do the Pirates videotape these batting sessions at all or do they have instructors that provide on the spot feedback?

  • You can tell Allie has a much easier swing where Bell’s is more violent. With that said, it looks like Allie finishes his swing a little more upright. It is tough to be certain since the video is from the side (and it is only spring training), but I wonder if he’s going to have issues with pitches down and away.

  • Is there a reason they both have a line of baseballs sitting on home plate? The seem to be there on purpose.

    • I’m not sure. Maybe the pitcher was having trouble seeing the plate?

      Edit: after listening to a few pitches, it sounds like a machine so there goes that theory.

  • Phew Bell looks like a monster physically. Perhaps a preview of the 3-4 spots in Bradenton lineup? I’m also high on Allie. First full year back as a hitter under his belt, I expect him to have a solid year this year and get back on the prospect big board.

  • frompittwithlove
    February 28, 2014 12:44 pm

    really impressed with Stetson’s swing…simple setup with really good upper and lower half connection

    he’s cut down a ton of movement…the big leg kick and the “squat” when he goes back are all gone…the end result is a much more balanced, repeatable swing…he’s going to cut down a ton on his strikeout #s this year

    Josh Bell…yikes…just look at the difference between he and Stetson when they finish…Bell is falling off a lot and his hips and hands seem disconnected…definitely early but Allie definitely looks like the better prospect here

  • It looks like Allie has a more polished swing, which surprises me. Bell seems to cut his swing short and not fully extend.

  • Looks like both these kids really like to “admire” their work while in the cage taking their hacks.

  • What is Allie’s primary position?