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  1. Bell looks like he could use another 2-3 yrs in the weight room. He still looks like he has a skinny lower half. Allie is MUCH more stout and strong in his lower half, plus he looks smoother since he releases his top hand post swing while Bell doesn’t

  2. Definately looking at the future competition for 1b in the show.
    Allie looks great. A natural.
    Bell looks like he wan’t to kill everything. I kinda like that.
    A little giggle here as I’m dreaming on these two developing into a killer combo at the plate. They are the power on the farm to watch IMO.

  3. You can tell Allie has a much easier swing where Bell’s is more violent. With that said, it looks like Allie finishes his swing a little more upright. It is tough to be certain since the video is from the side (and it is only spring training), but I wonder if he’s going to have issues with pitches down and away.

  4. Is there a reason they both have a line of baseballs sitting on home plate? The seem to be there on purpose.

    • I’m not sure. Maybe the pitcher was having trouble seeing the plate?

      Edit: after listening to a few pitches, it sounds like a machine so there goes that theory.

  5. Phew Bell looks like a monster physically. Perhaps a preview of the 3-4 spots in Bradenton lineup? I’m also high on Allie. First full year back as a hitter under his belt, I expect him to have a solid year this year and get back on the prospect big board.

  6. really impressed with Stetson’s swing…simple setup with really good upper and lower half connection

    he’s cut down a ton of movement…the big leg kick and the “squat” when he goes back are all gone…the end result is a much more balanced, repeatable swing…he’s going to cut down a ton on his strikeout #s this year

    Josh Bell…yikes…just look at the difference between he and Stetson when they finish…Bell is falling off a lot and his hips and hands seem disconnected…definitely early but Allie definitely looks like the better prospect here

  7. It looks like Allie has a more polished swing, which surprises me. Bell seems to cut his swing short and not fully extend.

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