Bryan Morris Will Make the Pirates 25-Man Roster

According to Travis Sawchik, the Pittsburgh Pirates will add Bryan Morris to the 25-man roster.

Morris has looked great this Spring, with a new two-seam fastball, and a four-seam fastball that has been working in the mid-90s and hitting 97. Last year he relied heavily on his cutter. This year he’s expected to work off of his fastballs more, with the cutter being an out pitch.

This move means the Pirates now have three relievers — Stolmy Pimentel, Jeanmar Gomez, and Vin Mazzaro — competing for two spots. Clint Hurdle said yesterday that the team knew who the final cuts would be, and it’s all about everyone staying healthy from this point forward. My guess on the final cut would be Mazzaro. The Pirates could trade him in the next two days, or DFA him, giving them ten days to trade him or put him on waivers. The rosters don’t have to be finalized until 3 PM EST on Sunday.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    March 29, 2014 8:16 am

    I know he is out of options too, but Pimentel has not earned a spot on the 25 – and of course, neither did Volquez

  • Monsoon Harvard
    March 29, 2014 7:59 am

    I still would rather keep Mazzaro & Gomez . They have the better track records. Morris has not proven that he can continually get strikes and he gives up homers more than any of the three. Mazzaro & Gomez are both long relievers with a history of starting. Morris has never started in the majors.

    If teams think Morris with his new pitch is something special, than let them make the Pirates some offers. Package him to the Bluejays or Redsox for Adam Lind or Mike Carp. I know nobody wants Tabata but they could throw together some B prospects with Morris I would think.

    • Ian Rothermund
      March 29, 2014 9:18 am

      Uh…you know why he hasn’t proven himself. Because he hasn’t been given the opportunity to prove himself! He has less time in the majors than the other two, but has considerably more upside. You’re saying the Pirates shouldn’t go with the highest upside with the last choice for the bullpen?

      I wouldn’t argue with a trade if it were for the right player. Of the group, Morris probably has the most value due to the upside, scouting report, and years of control/affordability.

      Everyone has been huge on trying to get rid of or dismiss Morris, now he comes back and he’s throwing 94-96, hitting 97 with a nasty 2-seamer and the same cutter he had last year that led to a very respectable ERA as a rookie. The reality is that as of now, this team needs a closer for 2015. The Pirates will likely not go the free agent route to fill the void, thus, the closer will need to come from internal options. It’s not likely that they would give the closer’s role to someone with a considerable lack of experience, so the candidate pool probably consists of pitchers from last year’s team.

      I would wager the internal options will consist of Melancon, Wilson, and if he’s still around, Morris. I’m a big fan of Melancon, but someone about him just doesn’t scream closer to me, even considering the success he had filling in for Grilli. It seems like this year is set up for those guys to audition for their potential role next year.

      Going back to Mazzaro & Gomez….can you name me the two pitchers on the staff least likely to be considered as a potential closer?

      It’s a great position to be in to be forced to let a talented pitcher go. However, the Pirates have not reached the position they’re in now by ignoring the potential upside in a player and taking the safe route. I wouldn’t expect that out of them this year with their bullpen either, especially whenever one of the pitchers has closer potential.

  • Mazzaro is more than a short reliever, he was a starter at one point. He has went several innings successfully including, was it a 5 inning scoreless effort last year. He’s been a team player, and with mid-90’s stuff. I really like him, better IMO than Gomez – however both are close. This is one of those situations where I hope someone gets a cut fingernail and has to go on the DL. I don’t want to lose one of these guys, at some point someone will get actually injured and you’d love to have this extra guy be the one to step in. I’d definately rather have anyone of these guys than to have Andrew Oliver or Jared Hughes have to step up. Just saying, I don’t think Mazzaro deserves any criticism with the effort he’s put out there for the team.

  • Mazzaro looked off at the beginning of Spring but pitched better later . I can’t see him making the 25 under the circumstances .

  • Hmmm, let’s see, one of these guys is making twice as much as the other two, he is also at least a year older than one and 3 years older than the other, is already in his Arbitration years while the others are not, and he is a short reliever where the others are relievers who can also be spot starters. If Vin Mazzaro is not DFA’d, then a trade has taken place with a team like Texas or Seattle, or you have a legit SCOOP! I was glad to hear that Bryan Morris made the final cut – a homeboy out of Tullahoma, TN (a short distance from Winchester, the home of Jack Daniels). I was surprised at the velocity numbers.