Pirates Make a Lot of Cuts From Major League Camp, Including Andrew Lambo

The Pittsburgh Pirates made the next round of cuts from major league camp today, cutting 11 players.

The following players have been optioned to the minor leagues:

Jaff Decker (Indianapolis)

Jared Hughes (Indianapolis)

Andrew Lambo (Indianapolis)

The following non roster invitees were transferred to minor league camp:

Zack Thornton

Adam Wilk

Chris Dickerson

Jay Jackson

Daniel Schlereth

Robert Andino

Omir Santos

Michael Martinez

The Pirates now have 31 players remaining in major league camp. One of those players is Chris Stewart, who projects to start the year on the disabled list.

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Lambo at least needs to get his swing straightened out. I like Dickerson and he played excellently but oh well. They aren’t leaving a lot of margin for error for the pitching staff is my main takeaway from this offseason and spring. Better hope Cutch doesn’t start in a slump because the offense will do nothing.


This means:
A. Gaby Sanchez will get his wish and play 1B on a full-time basis, or
B. The Pirates are preparing to acquire a LH hitting 1B (Carp or Davis most likely).
It does not mean Ishikawa and Sanchez will be platooned at 1B like Jones and Sanchez were last year. At least I hope not.

Mike Bass

Tim, what does it mean for those players who have been sent to minor league camp? After camp breaks are they basically free agents? Can the Pirates sign them to minor league deals, etc?


Has Snider fielded any balls at 1st?


Tim, Good reporting! I think you’re the only running with the story now


Let’s hope that Lambo’s bat heats up in a hurry. If he’s hitting, he will be an upgrade over right field or 1B


Go Grady Sizemore! Go!
I mean… Ishikawa is basically 2013 Jones with better defense… which is okay i guess. But this recent development really makes me want Mike Carp. As if rooting for Grady Sizemore (to play well enough to get Carp off the Sox roster) wasn’t already easy enough.


Jones has a lot more power. Ishikawa is kind of more of a Jose Tabataesque first basemen.


Or you could say Ishikawa is more of a James Loney type 1B, at least before Loney’s “breakout” 2013, which actually wasn’t a huge offensive season, just a productive addition to a pretty balanced lineup. That sounds like all we need Ishi to be, right? Loney OPS 2010-2012: .708, with 2012 being his worst year. Ishikawa OPS last 3 seasons: .707, with last year being a complete loss.
He could turn out to be a steady glove and bat, maybe gaining a few doubles and HRs courtesy of the Clemente Wall. But man I wish Lambo brought his bat with him to ST.


stick: This was just Lambo’s first opportunity to make it in the majors. How he reacts to this will tell us a lot. If he goes back to AAA and finds a way to offset the loss, and starts to hit for power again, then we have something. If not, we better make a trade to get a Matt Skole (Nats) or Dan Vogelbach (Cubs) or Greg Bird (Yankees).

To be honest, I was very surprised to see Ish hit with as much power as he exhibited in ST, and he really capitalized by doing it in Clutch-hitting situations, when the games were on the line. What he does with the bat will be an added plus, but what he brings to 1B defensively will be worth much more to the Pirates.


Completely agree MJ, this shouldn’t be the last we hear of Lambo. If he can’t regroup after this setback, then he was never going to make it in MLB at all. Hoepfully he finds his stroke quickly and the Bucs then have another option.


I don’t agree with the thought of trading for prospects, as they need a 1b now, not in 2016. I do love me some Dan Vogelbach though. But you’re right. They can live with Ishikawa for a few weeks. If Lambo seems to have bounced back, bring him up. If not, use assets to get a major league 1b.


Correct. I was just goin off of pure OPS but yeah he has a little more OBP than Jones and less SLG.
I don’t wanna overreact because they could drop ishikawa 2 weeks into the season without much penalty. But this is a little disappointing. I wish Lambo would’ve impressed a little more.
But it’s all a moot point because Mike Carp is going to be the opening day 1b.

David Lewis

“Travis Ishikawa” is Japanese for “John McDonald”.


Now that—- is funny! Not accurate, but funny!


McDonald made the high payroll Angels roster this year. Not sure why, he didn’t even field well when he was here last year. At least Ishikawa brings a top notch glove and decent bat.

Lee Young

good one!

Lee Young

So, I guess they felt Lambo needs more AAA ABs?

I also guess that McBeer and he will DH/1b to get them all ABs?

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