Pittsburgh Pirates Set Opening Day Roster

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that first baseman Travis Ishikawa was added to the 40 man roster, among a plethora of moves to get the Opening Day roster to the 25 man limit. As expected, catcher Chris Stewart was placed on the disabled list. Jeff Locke was also placed on the disabled list. Both moves are retroactive to March 21st.

The final move was Andy Oliver being outrighted to Indianapolis. He was out of options, so he needed to clear waivers before being sent to the minors. Also dropped from the 40 man roster was reliever Vin Mazzaro, who was designated for assignment today.

The Final Roster

Starting Pitchers: Francisco Liriano, Edinson Volzquez, Wandy Rodriguez, Gerrit Cole, Charlie Morton

Bullpen: Jason Grilli, Mark Melancon, Bryan Morris, Tony Watson, Justin Wilson, Stolmy Pimentel, Jeanmar Gomez

Catchers: Russell Martin, Tony Sanchez

Infielders: Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, Clint Barmes, Jordy Mercer, Pedro Alvarez, Josh Harrison, Travis Ishikawa

Outfielders: Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte, Travis Snider, Jose Tabata

UPDATE 2:13 PM: Thoughts from Tim Williams:

Nothing unexpected here. I wrote about Mazzaro in the other article. Oliver didn’t have a chance to make the team, and it’s not a big surprise that he cleared waivers, since another team would have had to place him on the active roster with a claim. The Pirates can send him to the minors for one season and try to turn him around before he’s eligible for minor league free agency at the end of the year.

The move to put Locke on the DL is a bit surprising, only because he will just go to Indianapolis and rehab. If they would have optioned him, he would have gone to Indianapolis to do the same thing. I don’t know if this is a requirement where they have to place him on the DL, but either way he will be doing the same thing. The one advantage this gives them is that they’ll have an extra pitcher with Indianapolis (Locke wouldn’t count against the team’s 25-man roster). That’s beneficial, since Jameson Taillon will miss a month, and Locke won’t be fully stretched out at the start of the year.

With Oliver and Mazzaro being removed from the 40-man roster, and Ishikawa being the only guy added, the Pirates now have one open spot on the 40-man roster.

  • babeadamsforthehall
    March 30, 2014 12:29 pm

    Is it still too early to judge the offseason? I was told before that I needed to wait until the offseason was over in order to be negative. Just wondering if it is still too early or if the offseason for NEAL extends into the actual season. You know. To give him more time. Because he did nothing during the offseason. Except sign two of the owrst offensive players (most offensive?) in the game as well as the worst starter in the majors.So….yeah. Just looking for some clarification here as to when exactly the “offseason of NEAL” has officially ended. K? Thx.

    • Babe, the offseason officially ends today, so have at it. But instead of just saying NH signed 3 of the worst players he could find, perhaps offer up specfically what you would have done differently. Resign Byrd for 2/$16 mil? How much more you would have paid Loney to get him away from TB. Which of Wilson, Melancon, Kingham, etc. you would have traded for LoMo, Davis, etc. Being a GM is easy, and I’m sure you would have a couple of World Series titles by now, with the undisputed best farm system, instead of just a playoff appearance and one of the undisputed top 3 farm systems. K? Thx.

      • babeadamsforthehall
        March 30, 2014 4:23 pm

        How about instead of spending your (self imposed) limited resources on garbage instead giving that money to someone who has a pulse? Like AJ or throw some extra $$ at Johnson to buy him away from the West Coast or I dunno…maybe just don’t waste money and give a chance to a AAAA type at 1/5 the cost or less?

        • Thanks for being specific. So you believe they have unlimited resources and impose some ficticious limit on themselves. OK, AJ could help the rotation, but also might not be needed with the depth they already have. 1 year for $14 million certainly wouldn’t have bankrupted the team, but there could be some truth to the notion that if you’re considering retirement, you’ve already retired. Plus, but he’s probably due for some regression as he’s never had 3 straight 3 WAR seasons, and age 37 would be a strange time to change that. Also, his 10 year old spoiled brat routine likely got a little tiresome. He did wonders for the team while he was here, but this very well could be the time to part ways before injury or ineffectiveness kick in.

          So some extra $$ at Johnson, who’s already going to miss at least a month of action, and with his history, likely much more? Would that extra $$ have made him healthier? $10 or $12 mil for someone likely to pitch less than Wandy? Not wise.

          I’m not sure what you meant by the last sentence so I won’t assume anything except that you think signing Volquez was a waste of money. That may or may not be true, and we’re a long way from finding out.
          I sincerely hope you’re able to enjoy opening day even though you think the FO did everything wrong this offseason.

  • I would think that they just wanted to save that option of Locke’s Tim since it amounts to the same thing by having him on the DL. Does that make sense to you ?

    • That is the only thing I can see reading the options and dl rules is that it is not considered use of an option.

      The only thing that confuses me is he is on the 15 day dl and your option isn’t considered used unless you spend 20 days in the minors. But it doesn’t say whether it is 20 consecutive days or 20 total days to count as using your option.

  • Dom DiDominic
    March 29, 2014 2:39 pm

    Only right to DL Locke. He gets big league money until his innings are built up. The injury caused him to get behind the other starters, so a DL was in order. When fully healthy, they can option him.

  • Time to turn the page on the offseason. I still can’t believe that going into it offseason it was clear that an upgrade was needed in RF and/or 1B and neither were addressed. Still a buzz kill.

    • I for one am glad that Neal didn’t overreact and trade something significant for any of the flotsam that’s out there. Imagine what it must be like if you’re Neal. Every single trade partner realizes the farm system is overflowing and insists on real prospects in exchange for bit players. Sure it’s frustrating that Ishi is the best we’ve got at the moment, but I think eventually a deal gets done, and more on the Pirates terms than any of the other teams that thinks they’re holding us hostage. I’m talking to you, Sandy Alderson!

      • Kubel or Ibanez or Cory Hart or Logan Morrison on a 1 year deal @ <$5mm/year would have been ok.

        • Kubel and Ibanez have never played 1B. Corey Hart cost more than $5mil. You have a point on Morrison, who was not a free agent, but only cost the Mariners Carter Capps. He makes less than 5 mil. I can’t imagine what the Marlins were asking, but it seems to me that we could easily beat that offer. My feeling is that the Bucs were concerned about Morrison’s character, with the Tweeting and all. Which is silly.

          • My point is, I think other teams ask more from us than they do of teams without the depth of a farm system that we have. Additionally, they perceive us as desperate for some reason. Neal does a good job of being patient, even if we are temporarily stuck with Ishi.

            • I agree with you on the current trade options. Mets are asking too much. I am also referring to right field. I am not drinking the Travis snider kool aid and think the lineup needs another bat. If Polanco forces his way into the lineup in June, it’s a good problem to deal with.

          • Don’t underestimate Carter Capps, who is young and was the #7 prospect i the Seattle organization the previous year when he was a AA all-star while striking out 72 and walking 12 in 50 IP’s. ERA just barely over 1.00.

            The Bucs could have offered more – but should they have? The equivalent to Capps after the 2012 season was at least a Justin Wilson – and he is much older.

            • But Wilson’s stock rose and Capps went down after a disappointing 2013. Wilson is an overpay and Capps doesn’t sniff his jockstrap.

            • Capps is a Closer candidate who comes in throwing 98/99, but I think his other pitches are less than above average. He was one of the guys I considered a “sleeper” last year and I was surprised to hear that the Mariners traded him for LoMo. But no, I do not think he has the upside of Justin Wilson at this point in his career.

        • SMFH !

    • Time for people like you to review the off season and see why ” neither were addressed “. Were you in hibernation in Punxatawney or what ?

  • No way I keep Stolmy over Mazzaro, Mazzaro is a proven bullpen pitcher. I figure that the Pirates are looking at Stolmy as a possible starter if things get bad enough or long relief.

    • I think Stolmy is a starting rotation candidate for next year.

    • It’s a good thing you’re not running the Pirates. Mazzaro is a proven mediocre pitcher – a below-average journeyman. Career ERA around 5.0. WHIP well over 1.5. Very low K rate.

      Stolmy is a much younger pitcher with much more upside. A dozen teams would claim him if the Bucs DFA’d him.

  • How can there be an article called Pirates set opening day roster without listing the roster? Edit: Sorry, now I see it.