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  1. I heard that Allie is being pushed through to AA. I’m not surprised, his swing looks a lot more refined.

    • The Pirates can take their time with him even if they move him to higher levels I doubt he would see PNC before three and a half or four years, if ever.

      • If Allie is ready (not saying he ever will be) the Pirates won’t hold him back. It wouldn’t make any sense to. The biggest problem has been pitch recognition. if you read the article Tim posted, it seems Allie is using a lot of his failure from last season as a learning tool. He seems to be a sharp kid and really wants to get better. With a potential hole at 1B, Allie could be a future dark horse candidate for the job and also save us a lot of trouble finding one. Now, that is to say he succeeds. I’m wishing him all the best, and you should to, but it’s a tough road to the majors.

        • I like his intensity, and it does seem like he’s been able to focus it in a much more positive direction the last year or so.

  2. I’m semi surprised that he didn’t get picked up in the rule 5. He wouldn’t be bad doing what Gaby does. He also probably could play 3B in a pinch. Some team could have got him 200 ABs with most being against LHPs. Then bounce back to AAA in ’15.

    • Sorry man but there’s no way Allie can play in the majors this season. Which is why he didn’t get picked.

  3. He was primarily a 3d baseman as an amateur, and has a cannon for an arm. When you have that kid’s power, you get a lot of time to succeed. And they will find a position for you if you can acquire better pitch recognition.

  4. It would be really nice if he would learn how to field somewhere. His DH skills aren’t gonna be much use in Pittsburgh.

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