First Pitch: Thoughts on Glasnow, Morales, Drew, and Tabata

Here are today’s stories, along with some notes on each feature.

**Do Kendrys Morales and Stephen Drew Make Sense for the Pirates? I looked at both players today, along with the situation where no MLB teams like them enough to offer a contract. In both cases, I think the names are more valuable than the actual players. They’d be good for the Pirates if things went wrong at certain positions, but I don’t think these are guys who should force the Pirates to panic.

As a side note to this, there was a note I wanted to make from the comment section. I mentioned this in the past, but we’re taking a different approach with MLB coverage this year. We’re ignoring the game recaps and all of the cookie cutter articles you find at every single outlet, and going for more analysis. However, because of sample size issues, it’s hard to get good analysis this early in the season. Plus, as always, our writers are usually only covering the team at home, thus we wouldn’t have had coverage the last week, even if we were doing game recaps.

**Tyler Glasnow Brings Heat in Extended Spring Training Start. I’m looking forward to seeing him in Bradenton. It appears he will be making his season debut by next week around this time. It’s not like the farm system has zero good stories, since Gregory Polanco has been a great story each day. However, the system has seen a ton of injuries, so getting Glasnow back, and getting him throwing a ton of heat, is going to be a nice boost.

**John Dreker has the Prospect Watch tonight, in which he points out that Adrian Sampson and John Kuchno pitched gems.  Also, check out the Minor League Schedule, which we have going up on the site each morning. A few of you have asked about season stats in these articles. We will be eventually adding those, but we’re looking for a good way to implement this on the site, rather than manually adding stats each night (most of which don’t update on the season until hours after the game is over).

**Jose Tabata Leaves Wednesday’s Game With Concussion-Like Symptoms. With the way Travis Snider has been playing lately, this is no more than a bench bat going down. If Tabata goes out, I wouldn’t expect a big bat to come from Triple-A (Gregory Polanco, Andrew Lambo). Instead, I’d expect a bench bat to replace Tabata, since that hitter wouldn’t be getting a lot of playing time.

First Pitch

  • Tim love the site. A little off subject. One thing I would like to see you change is on probable pitching chart if you put the pitchers names in caps or something to distinguish if there at home or not. We take a few road trips every year & this would cut down on our research. Keep up the great work.

  • If Tabby goes on the DL, call up Polanco. Actually, call him up regardless. This lineup needs it. Lambo won’t help, he’d make matters worse. Hopefully, he’s never on the Pirates’ 25 man again. Sign Drew, too. Mercer is awful. He is arguably the worst defensive SS in baseball, and can’t hit either.

  • Seeing the Tabata injury definitely puts to the forefront the fact they could use another righty corner OF.

  • Tim- With the MLB coverage, I don’t think ignoring the write-ups for the games on a daily basis is a good idea. It makes sense in the minor leagues where maybe the actual results of the game win or lose aren’t important, but the only reason prospects sites exist, is to get us excited about the future of results in the big show, there is a very strong connection between the day to day games, box scores etc……and the fervor that’s created for the prospects to join it, replace someone, etc. and I’d rather not have to go to other outlets to get that information since most of them, well suck. Just my 2 cents worth, but i’d like to see more daily coverage there….and it really shouldn’t matter whether the team is home or away.

    • I am the last one to shill for the Trib,but their daily Pirate coverage does NOT suck.

    • Tim you are great at what you do and I love the site regardless, but I think it’s a poor business decision. I wouldn’t want my readers going to other sites to get information I already cover. Not only that but I think a lot of people like to comment, or see your comments after each game. Again, just my 2 cents as a long time fan of the site.

      • It was a business decision to go in this direction. We tried having traditional style beat coverage for two seasons, and learned a lot in the process. The biggest thing I learned is that people don’t read game stories. That makes sense, because there are a ton of ways to follow games live these days. You can be sitting on an airplane, watching a game live on your phone. There’s so many ways to follow a game, which means people don’t need to read about what happened. Plus, there are so many outlets that do game recaps, meaning you’ve got about 15 different versions of the same story, and the versions aren’t that different.

        One featured article equaled about 3-5 game recaps. The game recaps themselves don’t even bring in enough traffic to make them worth doing. It would be a better business decision to just have no content on the site in place of those recaps, rather than having someone do those recaps constantly. I’d rather have my writers focusing on bigger stories that other outlets can’t focus on because they’re too busy with all of the stuff that you “have to do.”

        It’s not like we won’t be following the team. We’ll just be following them in a different way than everyone else. You’ll still get a feel for what is going on. You’ll still get our comments on certain things. And there might be some stuff that you have to go find on other sites. I’m not worried about that, because the web isn’t a zero sum game. You can go read the Trib or the PG, and then come back and read the stuff that we have. My focus is making sure that we have a lot of stuff that isn’t also on the Trib or the PG.

        Really, this is how the site originally grew. We covered the Pirates’ minor league system like no one else. Now my challenge is to find a way to do this at the major league level, where there are a lot more outlets covering the content, and not as many opportunities for stories (only 25 players).

        It’s going to be risky, and so far it has been slow in the implementation process. But if it turns out the way I hope it will, then I think people will like the alternate approach that we will be taking.

        • Thanks for the reply and understanding I wasn’t being disrespectful. I’ll be on the look out for the new content.

    • A few comments in response:

      1. “the only reason prospects sites exist, is to get us excited about the future of results in the big show”

      I’ve never viewed this as my job or responsibility here. My job is to provide information, good or bad. It just so happens that the Pirates have had some exciting prospects the last few years, and the news from the minors has been overwhelmingly good.

      2. “there is a very strong connection between the day to day games”

      We’ll be talking about bigger overall trends, and focusing on those connections. We just won’t be doing the typical game recaps, or the notebooks with the quotes of the day.

      3. “but i’d like to see more daily coverage there….and it really shouldn’t matter whether the team is home or away”

      We’ve always only covered things at home. I can’t afford to have a full time beat writer, and send them on the road for coverage of every road game.

  • “We’re ignoring the game recaps and all of the cookie cutter articles you find at every single outlet, and going for more analysis.”

    I agree…that’s what *I* come here for….

    • Thanks for the response Tim.

    • I am in total agreement with Lee Tim. There are plenty of sites to get reliable game re-caps,including BD and the Trib coverage. I think most visitors here come for the MiLB information you all provide so well. While I am at,keep up the good work.

  • Since Decker is on the 40-man roster, it most likely will be him called up if Tabata goes on 7-day DL for concussion. I prefer they bring up Lambo since he can play OF and 1B, and he’s a better hitter.

    • I can’t see them bringing up Lambo unless he will get everyday at bats. Snider and Gabby Sanchez are hitting the ball well enough to get the bulk of the at bats. Decker makes the most sense. Or even Brett Morel. Josh Harrison could serve as the 4th OF.

  • I could see them calling up Dickerson. The thing not working in his favor is the fact he’s not on the 40 man. Guess it would depend on how long they think Tabata will be out.