J.J Cooper from Baseball America posted the lists of the ten youngest players in each league and four players in the Pittsburgh Pirates minor league system made the top ten in their league.

Gregory Polanco is the sixth youngest in the International League.

Alen Hanson ranks ninth in the Eastern League.

Jin-De Jhang ranks tenth in the Florida State League.

You won’t see Reese McGuire on the list(unless it gets updated), but he is tied for the tenth youngest player in the South Atlantic League. He was born on the same day as Miguel Andujar, who is list tenth on the list. Cooper obviously inadvertently left McGuire off the list.

A couple notes on the list. It doesn’t include players on the disabled list. That means that Jameson Taillon, Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows didn’t make the list.

If you want to include them, Taillon would have ranked fifth in the IL. Glasnow would have came in eighth place and Meadows would be ninth.

If you did that though, that also means McGuire and Jhang would have been pushed off the top ten in their league.

Either way you look at it, the Pirates have four active players among the youngest in their league and seven total if you count the three injured players. Six of these players rank among the top seven prospects in the Pirates system, while the seventh(Jhang) ranks just outside the top twenty.

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    • Looks like there is some conflicting among the reports and they are trying to figure out how to handle him. That’s just based on the assumption that if the second report came back saying the same as the first, they would have already known what to do and they wouldn’t have been silent about it. Maybe they are giving him some time to decide on his own what he wants to do? Someone asked yesterday, possibly Travis Sawchik, and the answer was the same, nothing new.

    • I fixed that, thanks for pointing it out. That’s what I get for writing it out at 2am. It’s correct now

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