Prospect Highlights: Polanco Crushes a HR, McGuire Shows Off a Cannon

All of the scheduled minor league games tonight were rained out, which means there is no Prospect Watch. In it’s place, here are a few videos from the weekend, highlighting some top plays by guys like Gregory Polanco, Reese McGuire, and more.

Gregory Polanco crushed a home run in Sunday’s game against Columbus.

Earlier in the weekend series, Polanco reached on an infield hit to second. The second baseman didn’t field the ball well, but he might not have had a shot at Polanco.

Chris McGuiness got in on the action over the weekend, crushing a hanging breaking ball for his first homer of the year.

Jeff Roy had a really impressive catch in Bradenton. There’s not a good view of the catch, although between the pictures and the far away video, you kind of get the idea.

They did have video for West Virginia’s games this weekend, which allows us to see Reese McGuire gunning down a runner at second.

  • How good was the base stealer McGuire was throwing out? because it seemed like, McGuire threw him out quite handily.

    • I saw McGuire throw a lot of guys out last year in the GCL while making it look easy. I don’t know about the skills of the base runner, but McGuire is quick to his feet and gets the ball out fast, usually doing both things in one motion. He’s very talented defensively.

      • Ian Rothermund
        April 8, 2014 8:43 am

        That was very nice. I think the runner was still about 10-15 feet away when the ball got there.

    • Awesome!

      If that kid’s bat translates to the majors one day…. man he could be special.

  • tim, did you happen to get/know a pop time on mcguire? that release was crazy fast