Prospect Highlights: RBI Hits From Gregory Polanco, Tony Sanchez and Jaff Decker

Just like yesterday, today’s highlights are all in one video and all about Indianapolis. The best of the highlights from yesterday’s 11-6 Indianapolis win, were the RBI hits from Gregory Polanco, Tony Sanchez and Jaff Decker. The video also includes a strikeout from Jay Jackson and an RBI double from Blake Davis, plus a couple Scranton/WB highlights that unfortunately tagged along.

The RBI single by Gregory Polanco came in the third inning and started the scoring for Indianapolis, bringing home Jaff Decker. Polanco now has 45 RBIs on the season and he is batting .466 with runners in scoring position. Decker has a .901 OPS in his last ten games and he has driven in nine runs over that time. Tony Sanchez has played nine games for Indianapolis and has ten RBIs. That all adds up to a productive top of the lineup.

  • With the Cards brining up Taveras, the Super Two deadline might be just a little bit shorter.

    • John Dreker
      May 31, 2014 10:31 am

      There are only 121 days left in the season and a low super-2 estimate is 122 days of service time, which would put him just under. You obviously can’t predict what happens in the next two years since you have no idea what players with less than a year of service time now, actually stay up in the majors until the end of 2016. You also don’t know what player toiling in the minor leagues has less than two years service time right now, but will be up during the 2016 season long enough to impact the date.

      • Of course, But it’s one more guy off the board and the likelihood of the Cards sending Taveras back down is fairly low.

        I have tickets to the June 9 game vs. Cubs. I’m anticipating that will be GP’s debut (for purely selfish reasons).

      • That’s is very true John, however the point in bringing up Tavares is that being that he and Springer are both up now the super two deadline is likely to shrink rather than expand. That means the Pirates could recall Polanco next week and be safe.

        • John Dreker
          May 31, 2014 12:38 pm

          I wasn’t overlooking that, just pointing out that 121 days is a fairly good estimate of the Super-2 deadline. Most teams then give it about ten days just to be sure, because as I said, you can’t predict the future. We may find out at the end of 2016 that the deadline ended up being May 20th. I have been saying June 9th for a long time now and knowing the days left in the season, that is still my guess

          • The 9th sounds about right. With Tavares coming up I figured the Bucs would wait a week after he came up to bring up Polanco, which would be the 7th…so, yeah I can get on board with the 9th. I think that the deadline will actually shift backwards not forward. Springer will be Super Two and how early he came up will skew the numbers back towards that May 20th date.

            • John Dreker
              May 31, 2014 2:38 pm

              Probably. It’s impossible to tell now, that’s what teams usually use that ten day buffer between when they think the actual date is and when they call the player up. The Cardinals are playing it close with Taveras. I couldn’t imagine if they missed by 1-2 days. You’re talking about somewhere between 5-15mil extra per day that he will make if they missed by that little. If you’re going to have a star player that’s a Super-2, you might as well call him up in April(would have been the 20th this year) and get six weeks for that kind of money. The extra cost is exactly the same for six weeks or one day.

              • That’s what the Astros did with Springer. Unfortunately for them, despite his power production, they are paying that $15M for less than 1WAR (0.7). The Pirates, I truly believe, would have gotten more like 1.2-1.5 WAR out of Polanco during the same time frame. Better D, base running, and better overall numbers at the plate beyond power. With Springer and Tavares both up now the Pirates can be safe in bringing up Polanco 7-days from now. The Cards helped the Pirates here I think.

                Where do you think Polanco will bat? I presume he’ll bat 4th. Behind Cutch as a lefty…maybe. Hurdle doesn’t like back-to-back similar handed bats. I assume Marte will move to leadoff again.

                • I’m waiting for Clint to do what the Reds were doing with Votto – bat Pedro 2nd. Get him more fastballs. I know Clint is unlikely to bat Polanco leadoff, but he probably should. With this lineup it’s the only thing that makes sense. The Pirates have been scoring runs with Marte down in the order. I can’t see Marte being given the leadoff spot again until he gets his act together – and maybe leadoff just isn’t his game period.

                  On Springer, he started slow but has really picked up the past couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be at all surprised in Polanco starts slow either.

                  • Ok, who leads off in your lineup?

                    • As I noted above, I think Polanco should. I just don’t think Clint will do that for fear of Polanco trying to change his game – which Marte failed at.

                    • They gave him a chance to leadoff tonight in Indy.