Final Mock Drafts From Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo Have Contrasting Picks For Pirates

On, Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis released their final mock drafts on Thursday, just hours before the draft starts. They have the Pittsburgh Pirates going in totally different directions, though the picks are ones we have heard before.

Mayo has the Pirates going with Casey Gillaspie, a power-hitting first baseman from Wichita State. Gillaspie is a switch-hitter, who should hit for power and average in the majors, drawing comparisons at times to Mark Teixeira. He is someone that would likely move quick through the system, though not everyone is sold on his abilities being so high. Gillaspie has been ranked in the 20’s by some and others have him as a mid-second round talent.

Jim Callis has the Pirates going with a huge prep arm and it’s someone we heard for the first time this morning with Baseball America. He thinks Grant Holmes will drop to the Pirates and this probably backs up the BA pick, hinting that there are some late rumors that have Holmes dropping back. He would seem like a steal at #24 for the Pirates. Holmes is right-hander that can touch high 90’s, with a plus curve ball and a change-up that is now considered at least average. As show in the video here, he has some command issues, but also gets some great movement on his fastball. He has a strong 6’0″ frame, but his one downside is that he has little room for growth, which means less projection than most high school pitchers. Mayo believes Holmes will be gone at the #14 spot, which is closer to where he has been mentioned most of this season.

Gillaspie would probably be the more popular pick, as he will fill a need in the system, could move quick and is the safer pick. Holmes however, has the upside of a frontline starter and the Pirates seem to go more towards upside over safety with their picks.

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R Edwards

Wasn’t Brad Lincoln around the same 6’0″ height as Holmes? Doesn’t Holmes have an older brother playing in some club’s minor league system?


Gillespie has been my man, hope they get him, but I think it is looking more and more like the Pirates are going to get a very good player no matter what. With the amount of good players that seem to be dropping into the Pirates range it would appear that the Pirates should do very well with both of their top two picks.


Gotta get some corner infield prospects,the pirates can stock up on pitching prospects when they trade pedro


If a corner infielder is the best player available.


There are at least two that fall in the pirates range,also when you have nothing,something is better,the corners are the pirates biggest area of need so if you mean best available in those two spots then I agree.


There are two: Chavis and Gatewood (both project as 3B) but if the opportunity arises where someone who is clearly better than them (Toussaint, Newcomb, or arguably Beede) you have to take the best player available. Very rarely has the model draft based on need ever worked out because you are drafting for 2-3 years down the road, if not longer. And whether Lonley is being sarcastic or not, we have players who are being or will be transitioned to other positions, the most recent being Wyatt Mathisen to 3B and potentially down the line is Josh Bell to 1B.


Corners are not anyone’s priority – lots of OF surplus that can be converted if need be…

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