Prospect Highlights: One Last Polanco Hit, Home Run From Tony Sanchez

Gregory Polanco made his Major League debut on Tuesday night and went 1-for-5 with a run scored. We have seen his highlights all season from Indianapolis and even made a top ten list yesterday showing each of his five tools. While he technically still has 125 at-bats in the Majors before he loses his prospect status, it is highly unlikely he will return to the minors. With that in mind, here is one last Prospect Highlight from this season, his first big league hit.

Speaking of players losing their prospect status. We use the 130 at-bat cut-off for prospect status and Tony Sanchez reached that right before he was sent down to the minors in late May. We are going to keep showing his Indianapolis highlights because he still looks like he will be a big part of the Pirates’ future. Here is his home run from Tuesday night.