Vin Mazzaro Outrighted to Triple-A

According to Zach Links of MLBTR, Vin Mazzaro is currently on outright waivers and a decision on his placement is expected today.

Mazzaro was designated for assignment 11 days ago, and Links speculates that the reasoning for the extra day could have been due to the timing of the move on Memorial Day. If Mazzaro clears waivers, he can be outrighted to Triple-A. However, he’d have a choice between accepting the assignment, or turning it down and turning down the remainder of his $950,000 salary this year. Last time this situation came up, Mazzaro accepted the assignment.

If he does clear waivers, this would be the third time that Mazzaro was outrighted to Triple-A by the Pirates.

UPDATE 6:52 PM: Chris Cotillo reports that Mazzaro has cleared waivers and has been outrighted to Triple-A.

I’m guessing the results will be the same as last time, with Mazzaro accepting his assignment to Indianapolis.

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S Brooks

With Welker going down with apparent TJS and Morris traded, the line from Indy to Pittsburgh just got shorter.


With Morris gone, I think Mazzaro’s situation looks a lot better, but remember, Stolmy Pimental is on his way back soon. I still favor bringing up Andy Oliver and have 3 LHRP to go along with Grilli, Melancon, and take your pick of 2 more RHRP from there.


Andy Oliver should continue to sit his wild ass in AAA forever, or until traded. No thanks- especially when we already have Wilson who is wild, and a rather wild pitching staff led by Liriano and Volquez


I was one of the folks who questioned why this happened in the first place. Why dfa a guy who has been solid and keep two who are not,one has since been traded( morris) one is still giving up runs,hits and walks at an alarming rate( gomez) of all the good things pirates management has done,this is not one of them

David Lewis

If he clears waivers, I can’t imagine he’d turn down an assignment to AAA. If no one was willing to pick him up for the balance of his salary (around $600k by this point in the season) plus a $20k waiver fee, he can’t expect that anyone would sign him to a free agent deal that would put him on a 25-man roster. (And even if they did, it would be for less money.) His best choice is to pitch for Indy and collect his paychecks until the next time the Pirates need another reliever in the majors, then go back up. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Well, it’s a reasonable gamble on the part of the FO that Mazzaro will take the assignment, but it can’t be good for his state of mind nor feelings toward the organization – both of which can very well affect performance. Given all that has happened, it’s hard for me to see a good reason for it.


Well said.

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