Jon Lester Scratched From His Start Tomorrow

Earlier today the big news was that the Pittsburgh Pirates were considered a dark-horse candidate to land Jon Lester. The lefty was scheduled to start tomorrow for the Boston Red Sox. Now, Ken Rosenthal reports that Lester has been scratched from his start tomorrow.

A guy getting scratched from a start a day before that start takes place? One day before the trade deadline, with time to move him after the start? I don’t see any way where this ends up with Lester staying in Boston. It looks like he will be traded. The only question is where?

Rosenthal says it’s not the Brewers.

I’ll keep this updated with more news on this subject.

UPDATE 10:43 PM: Joel Sherman reports that Lester hasn’t been traded yet, but that this scratch could be to avoid an injury tomorrow.

UPDATE 11:29 PM: Pete Abraham says that no deal is in place for Lester, and that a number of teams are still involved.

UPDATE 11:49 PM: Pete Abraham says that the Red Sox don’t have a trade proposal they like right now.

Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal names the Pirates as one of three teams who are in the mix.

UPDATE 12:14 AM: Gordon Edes says there are six teams on Lester, adding Toronto, Baltimore, and Oakland.

UPDATE 12:30 AM: Rosenthal also says the A’s are in.

So it looks like the goal for the A’s is to get every good pitcher on the market.

  • pilbobuggins
    July 30, 2014 2:40 am

    More good news, vin scully will be back for his 66th year. I ,’ m not even a little bit blue, ( all black and gold since my conception) but I do really enjoy listening to vin call a game.

  • pilbobuggins
    July 30, 2014 2:36 am

    Hate to toot my own horn but I predicted hanson,heredia for lester earlier and pretty much got blasted by a bunch of folks who apparently don’t understand what a pennant chase means.

  • Hanson, Sampson, and Tabata.

    • I agree. I wish it was Barns and Dickson w/ Tabata instead of Sampson.

      Who would everyone rather keep (Tim, this includes your opinion!)?
      Hanson or Jones?

      • I think Jones at this point but is very close. I only say this because everything I have been hearing is Jones has the better chance to stick at short.

  • No Pedro starting tonight against a righty? Hmmm. Could it be Alvarez, Tabata, and Hanson or Jones for Lester, Middlebrooks, Miller, and a lower level prospect? My ultimate trade acquisition would be Tulo.

    • How much trade value does Pedro have, especially to Boston where David Ortiz is already the DH? Do you think they flip Pedro to another AL team for prospects?

      • I think he is in play at this deadline.

        • pilbobuggins
          July 30, 2014 2:42 am

          That would be a blessing if pedro was traded, I still think he won’t get moved until the winter meetings though.

  • Come on what team wouldn’t want tabata – years of control, cost control, the guy has potential ….snicker, snicker

    • Don’t forget he’s still only 25. Not 30…23 if you ask him. I don’t hate Tabata but he does have the used car look to him right now.

  • What is going to happen to yinzer nation when this doesn’t happen? The city may explode.

  • Scott Kliesen
    July 29, 2014 10:51 pm

    As they say down here in GA, ” Let’s get er done!”

  • Bryan Graham
    July 29, 2014 10:44 pm

    From reading the whole mlbtr piece on it, I’m betting it’s the Bucs. I hope they hold true to the “not going to trade” list of prospects they have listed there. If Boston has a choice of either Jacoby Jones or Allen Hanson, I’m rooting they take Hanson. I like Hanson, just like Jones better.

    • I read the same and looks much better than the report for Bell. I also read that they would be taking Tabata in the deal. Yaaaay!!!