Pirates Interested in Andrew Miller, Who is Drawing a Lot of Demand

Last night we heard that the Pittsburgh Pirates were looking at Boston Red Sox relievers. Today we get some more specifics, as it seems they’re one of many teams interested in left-handed reliever Andrew Miller.

Rob Biertempfel says that the Pirates are interested in Miller.

Pete Abraham says that a lot of scouts are asking about Miller, and he suspects he will be the next to go.

Gordon Edes wrote about how Miller is in high demand, and that the Pirates have been tracking him for some time. He also mentions the Braves as a team that has been tracking Miller, and the Royals and “a host of other clubs” who have shown interest.

Miller has a 2.52 ERA in 39.1 innings, with a 1.82 xFIP. He’s putting up amazing strikeout numbers, with a 14.64 K/9. He’s making $1.9 M this year, and is a free agent at the end of the season.

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John Marshall

I have been saying this for weeks here!!! he is the bp piece the Pirates need. He is cost effective and puts up great numbers!!! MILLER, MILLER!!!


If the pirates are inclined to give up any top prospects they should be in serious discussions with the padres. They have the only pitcher worth a darn that is available,who has any control after this year and more importantly the pirates can afford his salary. They also have benoit,who would be a rental. Much better deal than anything the sox have to offer. ( lester is a better pitcher,kennedy has worth beyond this year)

Kenny Moore

We don’t need another LHP relief pitcher much less what it would cost to get a rental player like Miller. With so many teams bidding on Miller its gonna cost to get him and I don’t want to lose anyone in our top 10 for a relief pitcher. Call up Oliver from AAA if Huntington and Hurdle want another lefty. Our biggest need is another righty in my opinion who isn’t a rental player. We have to be very careful when dealing away prospects because the team can’t fill holes in free agency because of their ways.

Lukas Sutton

His splits are good against both LH and RH though, so who really cares if he is a LHP? It goes with the Pirates current idea of getting the best guy regardless of that type of thought. He is a very good reliever that gets both lefty and righty guys out and isnt a closer so he wont carry that “proven closer” price bump. Oliver is not near the guy that Miller is. So if i gotta give up Adrian Sampson or JaCoby Jones, deal. The whole “we need a RH or LH” idea seems dumb. Give me the guy who can pitch well and get me a clean 6th or 7th inning. The reason you build a good system is to take the mid level prospects and use them to fill out the big league roster. Miller is a non-closer reliever that is a FA at years end, those dont cost top prospects, but rather B types. Guys like Heredia or Jones or Sampson.

Kenny Moore

But you don’t have a clue of what it will take to get Miller. Pittsburgh can’t get in a bidding war with some of these other teams and start trading prospects to get rental players.A lot of teams are looking at Miller and yes Miller is better than Oliver but Oliver doesn’t cost a thing to get brought up. If this team is going to lose prospects like Jones and Sampson it can’t be for rental players. Just because the team has a great farm system doesn’t mean its time to start dealing prospects for relief pitchers who will be a free agent in a couple of months.


I was thinking try him at 3rd also…he looks to be athletic, at least see if he can handle it if not then move to 1st..


I still don’t think the buy high approach to relief pitching suits this clubs needs. Someone on the other thread mentioned Bell and Meadows for Lester and Miller… Really?

That’s two big pieces of your future in exchange for two rentals. Trading 12 years of combined control on high level prospects for 4 months of combined control on major league talent is a good way to establish the old “winning window.” And, no one should want to see that.


My personal thinking is that I’d rather them trade Bell than move him permanently to 1b. He’s much more valuable to another team as an OF than he would be to the Pirates as a 1b.

I think my approach would be to trade Marte for a crap ton once Bell looks ready if they truly believe in Bell. The ole McLouth-McCutchen trick. That’s better asset management. Outfield prospects with his bat are insanely more valuable than 1b prospects with his bat. plus who knows? Ike Davis could have a nice 2nd half and solve the 1b problem for a few years.

but if they plan on keeping Marte forever, i’d rather use a guy like Bell in a win now-and/or-next-year move than move him to 1b.

R Edwards

IMHO, there is now way I trade Bell. He is a rarity in the Pirates system – a top prospect with 30+ HR power.

This team is too flawed to trade top prospects for 1-2 rentals and think that is enough to do more than just sneak into the playoffs. Stick to the long term plan, and this team may be pretty scare good in 2 years.


If the plan is to move Bell to 1b, how about giving him some 3b reps just to see if there’s any potential? That would up his value internally and externally if he can handle it.

R Edwards

Well, I guess I think anything is possible, but Bell does not look like a potential third baseman to me – and he may even get bigger. Although you do bring up a point – the Pirates system is devoid of many first base AND third base prospects.


noo no noooo i didn’t say AND. i said OR haha.

i meant either one paired with a smaller piece


Then it would appear to be my reading skills that need work! That’s much more palatable!

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