Alen Hanson has been placed on the Altoona disabled list with a hamstring injury. The injury was suffered last week, and will almost certainly end Hanson’s season, since the season only has a week remaining. Drew Maggi has been activated off the Altoona DL as a corresponding move.

Assuming this does end Hanson’s season, he finishes with a .280/.326/.442 line in 482 at-bats. He also made the switch to second base recently, with a focus on getting his bat to the majors at some point during the 2015 season. The switch also followed continued struggles from Hanson at the shortstop position. He should be expected to move up to Indianapolis next year, and could be a mid-season callup candidate.

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  1. Tim – based on NH’s history with getting position players 400+ PAs at AAA (and much more for Walker/Cutch) — and considering GP only getting 288 PAs and his disappointing MLB results to date — why the confidence Hanson will be a mid-season replacement?

  2. In my opinion Hanson will eventually turn out to be an All Star 2nd baseman, which is something that Neil Walker has never had happen.

  3. A defensively-challenged guy with modest power who refuses to draw walks, does not reach base consistently, gets caught stealing constantly and has “maturity issues”… I would not expect Alen Hanson to be much of a major leaguer. But who knows?

    • As I’m sure a 20 year old has no chance of getting better on the field or mature off it. Just cut him now!!! Wow

      • Cutting him would be an over-reaction. He has some value, so if they took your advice and cut him they would be giving away a moderately talented prospect for nothing. If they decide to get rid of him, it seems better to trade him – possibly for bullpen help.

    • I feel like Hanson draws an ok amount of walks and will improve there. He averages over 50 per 600 AB and his k numbers are low. He walked a good amount in the lower minors and has showed a better eye than Marte did in the minors. I am assuming he will go to winter ball and play 2B and maybe even some OF. He is pretty dam good for a 21 year old in AA. Hopefully he matures but how many other franchises have a MI in the high minors that hits for average, has speed, and most importantly puts up 60 XBH per 600 AB? If a .768 OPS from an MI in AA at 21 is a plateau, I’ll take that plateau.

      • Tell them freddy ! anybody talking like Hanson isn’t a prospect either : A, never saw them play at all,or B, Never saw him play more than once or twice.

  4. Tim, it seems to me that Hanson has sort of plateaued in his development. He has never really come close to the numbers he put up in his breakout season at West Virginia a couple of years ago. While he certainly has seen better pitching at the upper levels it doesn’t seem like he has progressed all that much offensively….or defensively for that matter. Is this a fair assessment? I actually hope you tell me I am wrong.

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