Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez Leave Tonight’s Game Early

Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez both left tonight’s Pittsburgh Pirates game early. McCutchen left with what was described as “left rib discomfort.” McCutchen winced in the first inning after a swing, then ran into the wall on a leaping catch later in the game. He was removed at the start of the sixth inning. McCutchen is just returning from the disabled list, where he was out with a rib injury. The rib has still been bothering him, as was obvious tonight. He will be reevaluated tomorrow.

Alvarez was removed after McCutchen with left foot discomfort. He will also be evaluated tomorrow. With a day game tomorrow, and a day off on Thursday, it’s very likely that we won’t be seeing either of these guys in the lineup until at least Friday.

UPDATE 10:32 PM: Good news and bad news on the injury front. The good news is from Andrew McCutchen, via Tom Singer.

The bad news is that Alvarez left the game in a walking boot, according to Dan Zangrilli.

So it appears McCutchen is aiming to play tomorrow, although Alvarez could get at least a day off, if not more. Although after the big home run from Ike Davis tonight, it shouldn’t be a big issue that Alvarez is likely to miss a game.