Clint Barmes Has His Rehab Transferred to Indianapolis

Clint Barmes had his rehab assignment transferred to Indianapolis, per an Indianapolis Indians press release. Barmes was previously playing in Altoona, spending two games at the Double-A level. He played five innings in each game. Typically a rehab assignment for position players will see two games each at five innings per game, two games at seven innings, and two full games to wrap up the rehab assignment. All of this is usually dependent on how the player responds to the rehab work.

  • Barmes Can’t hit- but at least he is a player who belongs in the major leagues.

    • Just because he’s MAYBE better then Nix, Morel & Martinez doesn’t mean he belongs in MLB. He can’t hit or or pinch run. He has no range left in the field. Chase D’Arnaud can at least pinch run & play defense with range. But with that said I don’t want to see him either. JUST SAD!!!!! No bench with all these injury’s

      • I have been a big D’Arnaud fan but they don’t even play him at SS anymore because he can’t handle it. I do think he would be a step up for the three AA [layers we have populating the bench.

  • I never thought I would be counting down the days until we could get Clint Barmes off the DL as a bench bat. It would’ve been nice to have him back to start with Walker and Mercer down but, having seen what Martinez, Nix and Morel are capable of, his bat might be the best asset the Pirates can hope for.