Clint Barmes Starts a Rehab Assignment With Altoona

Clint Barmes will start a rehab assignment tonight with the Altoona Curve. Barmes was added to the roster today, per an Altoona press release. The pending return for Barmes is probably a welcome sight to those who don’t want to see Michael Martinez in a Pirates starting lineup. It also might be good timing, as Jordy Mercer left today’s game with no reason given.

No word yet on how long the rehab process will be for Barmes. He’s been out since early July, so I’m guessing he’s going to need a few games before he’s ready for a return to Pittsburgh.

UPDATE 4:28 PM: It’s right forearm tightness for Mercer, according to Bill Brink.

  • I really hope mercers forearm is not serious, the pirates cannot afford any more injury bug bites. If this turns serious I think we can officially call this injury bug visit a plague.

  • I never thought I would say it but I can’t wait to have Barmes back. He will solidify the bench defense and give them a guy who can at least do something as the last man off the bench. I would say Mercer could probably use a rest but he isn’t playing like it. Mercer has become one of my favorite Pirates watching his play the last two months. He is becoming very similar to JJ Hardy. A guy I would have loved to see the Pirates get awhile back.

    • I right there with ya on barmes, and that’s a pretty good comparison for mercer,hardy just never crossed my mind I guess since I don’t watch the o’s much. Thanks for the context.

      • Yeah, Hardy is really underrated. Most power of any SS in the game besides Tulowitski and he plays great defense…and for the power he doesn’t strikeout much so he battles. Mercer is a lot like this minus the 25 HR power. (Although Hardy did not hit a HR until June this year to severely skew his numbers)

  • Just a thought… Maybe this could be a two for one.

    Barmes gets to rehab and maybe he can also provide
    a steady positive influence on that young infield
    at Altoona….. I like it.

    Second thought… I really like it.

  • What’s really sad is that I’m actually glad he’s coming back not just for the glove, but for hitting purposes… Says a lot about my feelings on Nix and Martinez.

  • Is right forearm tightness a serious thing for a SS?

    • Well in the absolute worst case it could be Tommy John (torn UCL), Mercer was a pitcher up through college. Hopefully it sis nothing but random soreness.

      • So that’s why he looks so funny throwing the ball, it’s an overhand pitchers motion. Thanks for the info,that answers that question for me.