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Gerrit Cole scratched from Saturday rehab start

The Indianapolis Indians have announced that Gerrit Cole has been scratched from his scheduled rehab start on Saturday. Originally, Cole was supposed to make his second start with the Indians, and was expected to throw around 100 pitches. There has been no indication of the reason, but updates will be posted when they are received.

UPDATE 8:46 PM: From Tim Williams…

I just received the following quote from Neal Huntington on why Cole was scratched.

After Gerrit’s last outing and last bullpen, we decided another bullpen to refine some things was the best course of action.”

No word yet on when Cole will make his next rehab start.

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I guess the FO and Hurdle will never get past thinking every fan is a dumb ass and they can talk doublespeak like politicians. Thank goodness they have some people who have a little concept of what baseball talent is. Other than that I don’t have time for their condescending comments.

Spa City

Countdown to the announcement that Gerrit Cole will undergo Tommy John surgery… Let’s say one week from today. That will give them time to go through the normal denials, assert that he is fine, then admit he has an “elbow issue,” then say he may try to let it heal naturally, then admit he is visiting Dr. Andrews, then finally admit he will have TJ surgery and miss at least 12 months.

This is getting so old.

Lukas Sutton

Gonna laugh when they announce they are starting him and pulled him to get him in a regular schedule and set up the rotation. Dumb comments based on no real evidence get old.

Spa City

Do they really? Does it really bother you that much? Get a life.

Lukas Sutton

You made a bunch of stuff up from nothing on a website and then insinuated i have no life? Dont make things personal.

Spa City

That’s a good point. I will be sure not to take things all personal like.


Where did you pull that from? There is nothing wrong with his elbow.


Well, we certainly need Cole back and on track because Locke and Volquez have not been good lately, worse for Volquez. And the management of the pitching staff by Hurdle has been even worse.


Jared: Actually, in their last 4 starts, Charlie Morton has been worse than both Locke and Volquez. I did not include last night’s game for Volquez, but I doubt it would have raised his ERA by 2 or 3 runs.

Morton – 24 IP, 27 H, 15 ER, 5.63 ERA
Locke – 24.1 IP, 35 H, 14 ER, 5.23 ERA
Volquez – 26 IP, 26 H, 9 ER, 3.12 ERA

Now, prior to that stretch, Morton was excellent in his first 2 starts in July, and IMO, I expect and depend on Charlie much more than Jeff and EV. At the beginning of this season I saw him as being capable of being a solid replacement for AJ, and I still think he has that type of stuff. I hope he has just hit a temporary rut and will return to form. But this team will only go as far as Cole, Liriano, and Morton will take them; what Volquez, Worley, and Locke give us is all icing on the cake.


I think Worley will contribute more than you expect. We’ll see.


The biggest problem is Hurdles mismanagement of the staff. When a pitcher should stay in he pulls him bc “you absobucnlutly need to go set-up-closer in 8th and 9th.” And then when they’re struggling like both Volquez and Locke were the last two nights he doesn’t go to the Pen. Just terrible, god awful actually, management.


A day or two after Cole’s first rehab start, Searage noted his control was way off. But that wouldn’t be a solid reason to scratch a rehab start unless they’re concerned he’s altering his delivery in some compromising way.


Maybe they are figuring out how he hurt his lat and it is a mechanical issue. What you say makes sense. If that is the case kudo’s again to Searage and company for spotting something and maybe he comes back way better than ever. We shall see.


The Lat muscle is the main muscle that helps a pitcher stop his delivery/slow down his delivery after the pitch. It is extremely important, if not one of the most important muscles not in the shoulder/elbow…and this is even more true for a hard thrower like Cole because if he cannot stop his delivery as well because of the lat injury than he adds more stress to the shoulder which could/would lead to greater injury issues.


Sounds like they working it slow. Hope it is about making him better now and not about any injury. I am ok with taking an extra week or two to make him a stronger pitcher for the playoff run.

Ian Rothermund

I picture him being so angry that when he finally does get back, he’ll be throwing about 4.000 miles an hour


will a ball travel at 4 mph?


Not good at all!

Matt Beam

not good, unless he’s being brought straight to Arizona

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