Neil Walker made a pinch hit appearance last night against the Padres, then was originally in today’s lineup. That is no longer the case, as he has been scratched from the game with more issues involving his back. The Pirates will be re-evaluating his status after the game, and could make a potential roster move.

What it sounds like is that Walker could be heading to the disabled list. And because of the pinch-hitting appearance last night, he would go on for the full 15 days, rather than being back dated to August 6th.

The Pirates have been playing with a short bench this week, waiting on Walker and McCutchen to bounce back from their injuries, rather than committing to a DL trip for either player. They helped that issue by playing with a short bullpen, designating Ernesto Frieri for assignment when Pedro Alvarez returned from the bereavement list earlier this week. However, the bench is still short, and the Pirates will need to make some sort of move, as they can’t keep playing with a short bullpen and a short bench.

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  1. Anyone on the Pirates med or coaching staff talking about how it might have been a mistake to let NW pinch hit last night? Seems to me that unless he was 100% he should not been sent in to face a flamethrower. And, if he was 100% yesterday (or close to it) what happened overnight that might now cause him to head to the 15 day DL? We can’t blame another bad hotel bed during this current home stand.

  2. Didn’t Walkers back problems start just after he jumped into the pool in Arizona to pay of a bet to Mercer?

    I still don’t understand Martinez still being on the 25 man. Why not bring up Lambo now? He can’t hit any worse can he?

  3. So I hear NH talk about Walker on the DL, then I hear a Walker commercial for Allegheny General. Doesn’t make me want to choose Allegheny General.

    • I don’t like to look like I am defending or going after any one player, but, both Brian Roberts ( released ) and Kelly Johnson ( DFA ) are available. While neither is a long term solution obviously, they certainly would be an offensive up grade. Johnson ( particularly ) is also really versatile.

      • Both LH bats, but if it’s to replace Walker, that’s probably OK. Doesn’t really help bench though. Agree Johnson would be preferable.

        • Both are LH bats but both also hit RH better than Martinez…who cannot hit either at all. Watching him last night almost made me puke in the 9th inning. Him and his, what, .130 BA need to go. Hague has versatility and could hit better…Lambo too. If it’s only b. He’s RH then the Pirates are dumb.

          • Understood. I’d be OK with Johnson. But maybe the answer is actually Mel Rojas Jr. who might provide more pop from either side than any of those guys. Rojas is crushing LHP for Indy and not too bad vs RHP either. Platoon Snider/Rojas, leave Josh & Nix in IF, kick Martinez to the curb. Gaby can play 3b in a pinch too and is taking balls there pre-game lately.

            • They will NOT rely on a guy with no MLB experience in a playoff race. Right or wrong is not the point, that is just the way it is. Not many others would do it either. I myself can’t see why they would bring another outfielder up in these circumstances. Besides our point, they need to get Morton out of the rotation. He needs a good dose of the Hoka Hey training from what I have seen since the ASG.

      • I’d be fine with either. Good adds for a playoff run. Use them for a few weeks, then have some vet leadership when the rosters expand…..why would you NOT sign these guys?

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