Stolmy Pimentel Placed on the 15-Day DL

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed Stolmy Pimentel on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained right ankle. Bill Brink says that he hurt the ankle on Wednesday when throwing a pitch.

The move was expected, as we heard yesterday he was injured. This also clears a spot on the roster for John Axford, who was claimed off of waivers yesterday, and joined the team today. The Pirates can now keep Pimentel on the disabled list until rosters expand in September, which will allow them to keep him in the organization. However, that’s kind of useless if they don’t plan on using him like a regular reliever at some point.

  • Sprained ankle?? Yeah, right! Too bad he couldn’t have “sprained” it a month or so ago.

  • I’ve never seen anyone so lost in my 27 years of watching baseball, than i’ve seen with Pedro at the bat for the last month plus. He is seeing almost exclusively changeups, he cannot recognize them at all, I can’t even remember the last foul tip he had against one. It’s bad, its real bad. At some point, doesn’t the hitting coach tell him to quit looking for a fastball because he’s going to see 3 changeups for every other pitch? They aren’t even throwing him breaking balls that much anymore because they’ve discovered he can’t read a changeup. Either learn how to pick them up, where they are going, and whether or not to swing……or just retire. Its really getting that bad