Michael Martinez and Chris McGuiness Clear Waivers

  • Just suppose the Pirates are without Harrison for 5-7 days and Pedro may not be available, then what will we do for 3rd base for the next important week or so?

    • We may go with “defense frist” and start Clint Barmes at 3rd

    • Monsoon Harvard
      September 8, 2014 10:59 am

      Brent Morel has made some pretty good plays at third. He was also robbed of a lot of hits and his outs are hard line-outs or deep fly outs. I think he may be a little better than Barmes over there.

  • Certainly Gift Ngoepe can provide at least as much offensive value as Martinez does, right? Is there any reason to fear we may see his name and “Pittsburgh Pirates” in the same sentence moving forward?