Pirates Currently Pick 23rd in the 2015 MLB Draft

Jim Callis released the initial 2015 MLB draft order today, and the Pittsburgh Pirates currently pick 23rd overall. That is one spot higher than where they picked in the 2014 draft, when they took Cole Tucker in the first round.

The Pirates can move up from this spot. Picks 12-22 are unprotected, which means if one of those teams signs a free agent who received a qualifying offer, that team would lose their draft slot and everyone would move up a spot. Considering the Yankees are one of the teams with an unprotected pick, it seems likely that the Pirates will move up at least one spot. The Red Sox, however, have a protected pick at number seven.

The draft order will undergo a lot of changes during the off-season, and we’ll also get a better idea of where the Pirates will pick after the first round. They currently have zero competitive balance picks, but they could get up to two compensation picks with qualifying offers to Russell Martin and Francisco Liriano. For now, this initial list is a good reference to see where everyone will start out prior to the off-season.

2015 Draft

  • Hope the Pirates can move up the draft position to get Dansby Swanson!

  • and Volquez

    • No one is paying Volquez $14-15 million. His track record is far too spotty to convince others to sign him. I like EV, but paying him that price tag is far too risky IMO. He has mentioned wanting to stay, seems like a much easier path to give him 2 years at $6-8 million each.

      • What about Liriano? He has not exactly been a model of consistency??

        • I agree, I’m not sure he is a slam dunk QO either. He does have the advantage of being very very good for 2 years now, while EV has been average at best by xFIP.

  • The Pirates would be complete idiots not giving qualifying offers to Martin and perhaps Liriano.

    • My gut feeling is that Liriano should be QO’d. I guess it all depends on if they think that 4.5 BB/9 he put up this year or the 3.5 BB/9 he put up last year (or his career mark of 3.9) is more real.

      On one hand, his stuff is still excellent and he has that elite slider so i don’t see him falling off a cliff any time soon.

      On the other hand, his heavy slider use might make him too high of a injury / falling off a cliff risk.

      Even if WAR-wise he hasn’t been QUITE worth 15 million dollars on the open market, I think they should have the money in 2015 to make it work since he also comes with considerable upside and 1 year would hardly cripple the team.

    • I can just envision a scenario where Neal tells Bob to do exactly that, convincing Bob that while Liriano might accept, there’s no way Martin does. And then they both accept. Pedro would be out the door for “cash considerations” within 8 hours while Bob would be at Allegheny General recovering from a coronary.