The Pittsburgh Pirates have released their 2015 schedule, which can be seen below. The opening series will be in Cincinnati, followed by the home opener against the Detroit Tigers on Monday, April 13th. The Pirates will also host the Minnesota Twins, the Chicago White Sox, and the Cleveland Indians. They will visit Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, and Minnesota.

From a playoff and division standpoint, they don’t play the Cardinals until May 1st. They play them six times during September and October, including three games at home at the end of the year, followed by three games at home against the Reds. The Pirates also play the Brewers seven times in September, including four home games. They have six games against the Cubs in the final month, and six against the Reds.

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  1. Wow just 4 games against the Phillies and all of them in Philadelphia. So much for the good old 70’s rivalry.

  2. 4/13 seems really late for the home opener, looks like the whole schedule is a week later than normal. At least we get to play what should be our interleague rival, Cleveland

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