Tyler Glasnow Named MLB.com’s Pitching Prospect of the Year

Tyler Glasnow has already won the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year award for the 2014 season. Today, MLB.com announced that the tall right-hander has been named the Pitcher of the Year in all of minor league baseball. Glasnow won the award after finishing first in batting average against (.174), along with finishing third in ERA (1.74).

In winning the award, Glasnow beat out a lot of talented pitchers, including Milwaukee right-hander Jimmy Nelson, Red Sox lefty Henry Owens, and Blue Jays lefty Daniel Norris. He also beat out Lucas Giolito of the Nationals, who had an amazing year in Low-A.

Glasnow started getting recognition as one of the top pitchers in baseball around the middle of the season. After the finish that he had, it will be interesting to see where he ranks in the prospect lists at the end of the year. He will almost certainly be a top 20 prospect, and I don’t think it’s out of the question that he could sneak into some of the top 10 lists.

  • I have been screaming the past 18 months how talented this kid is. Pirate fans thought I was crazy when I said he is a better P prospect than JT. This kids future is limitless. The same way Pirate fans went crazy following Cole when he was close to the majors it will be the same for Glasnow. I think his upside is better than Cole and Glasnow is a top 3-5 prospect.

  • Congrats to who I think is the future Ace of the Pirates. He is already in my top 10 and I expect to see him there on many lists.

  • I am sure looking forward to seeing him in AA next season.

  • Remember when we could have drafted Giolito? That would have been nice. Anyway, I was going to ask if you thought he would be a top10 prospect next year, but you answered that. I think if he pitches well in Arizona against the competition out there, he has a good shot.

    • I will be shocked if he is not a top 10 prospect in 2015. I would rate him higher. Some where in the top 5. In my opinion I don’t think there is a better P prospect out there that is better than Glasnow.

  • LetsGoMarauders
    September 19, 2014 1:09 pm

    Awesome and well deserved. He sat behind me at the Marauder fan dinner last night. Great kid. Great future.