Vance Worley to Start on Sunday After Charlie Morton Ruled Out

Vance Worley will be starting Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates’ General Manager Neal Huntington announced. The start was previously slated to go to Charlie Morton, who returned from the disabled list to start on Tuesday against the Red Sox. As we reported yesterday, Morton’s status was up in the air for Sunday. Huntington ruled out Morton in today’s announcement.

“Charlie Morton experienced increased discomfort near the end of his last start and again during his bullpen session yesterday,” Huntington said via press release. “Charlie will have a follow up exam next week and a course of action will be determined after that exam.”

The move might not make a huge impact, as Worley has been a good pitcher this year. Meanwhile, Morton has been pitching injured, and obviously isn’t at 100% health. He pitched well in his start against Boston, and you’d like to see that kind of pitching against the Brewers. But it might be better at this point to try and get him healthy for the playoffs, especially since the Pirates are now considered near-locks to make the post-season.

  • Probably worked out for the best for Worley – he really needed a little rest. Now he should be geared up for the rest of the season and any post-season action.

  • Lets hope he is called upon to finish a sweep!!

  • If the best way to fix his hernia problem is with an operation, get it done and see you in spring training

    • ResistanceIsUseless
      September 19, 2014 3:49 pm

      People have been known to function for years with sizable hernias without surgical intervention. However, those are people living lives that don’t have the physical demands a professional athlete endures.

      The biggest risk from a hernia is that it becomes “strangulated”, which is a life threatening emergency. However, this can be watched for and can usually be dealt with surgically.

      As long as it’s monitored (and appropriate actions taken if needed), the hernia should not pose much risk other than pain. However some minor worsening wouldn’t surprise me. If Charlie can give the team a few good innings here and there it would be a boost to the staff – if nothing else, he can pitch once during the final weekend to help set up the post season rotation. If surgery is done within a week or two of the Pirates’ last game, there should be enough for Charlie time to recover before Spring training.

      I like that Charlie wants to help the team as best he can.