Jeff Banister to be Hired as the New Manager of the Rangers

According to Ken Rosenthal, Jeff Banister will be hired as the manager of the Texas Rangers.

Less than an hour ago, we heard that Banister impressed in his interview, making the hiring process difficult. Obviously he impressed enough to get the job.

The immediate question here would be about Banister’s replacement with the Pirates. I think the bigger question would be wondering who Banister might take with him to Texas. The loss of more personnel would obviously hurt the Pirates more than just with Banister’s departure alone.

  • Good for Banny! Hope he does well!

  • Good for him. A ‘bench coach’ however, is hardly irreplaceable. John Russell, for God’s sake, is Baltimore’s.

    • C’mon John ! A little respect for Sleepy. The Twins were considering making him their new Manager !

  • Sounds like he rebuilt the Pirates Minor league system. Do you see him taking coaches like Jim Benedict with him?

  • Congrats to jeff, well deserved chance. Just hope he does not take all the eggs with him.

  • I am glad for Bannister, but hopefully he won’t raid the Pirates system, sometimes contracts are written with a no raid clause written into them. Benedict would be my biggest concern, not only from the Rangers, but from any team.

    • With both of the Maddox brothers involved in the Rangers pitching situation, it would be a real surprise for them to bring anyone else in.

      • The new manager almost always gets a say though in terms of who he wants to be his pitching coach, so it’s not a guarantee that they’ll still be with the Rangers.

        • Yeah, Bannister is going to go in there and tell the GM he doesn’t want the HOF pitcher and his brother, the pitching coach, around. I would almost bet money that Josh Daniels made them part of the hiring.

      • Considering they were passed over for the management position, they may not stay.

      • That was supposed to be ” the Maddux bros. “. I HATE auto correct !

  • The man has paid his dues and then some; tough loss for the Pirates, but I wish him a world of luck with the Rangers.

  • A significant loss IMO. Seems like just when things start going right, a lot of stuff is now going wrong. Players and coaches leaving – not that I can’t say I’m happy for him, I think he deserves it. I hope I don’t have to feel the same way about Russel and Frankie and Eddie, and Benedict, and… sigh.

  • Hopefully he doesn’t take Benedict as his pitching coach.

  • His lineup card penmanship will be missed