Pirates and Giants Announce Lineups For Wild Card Game

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced their lineup for the Wild Card Game.

1. Josh Harrison – 3B

2. Jordy Mercer – SS

3. Andrew McCutchen – CF

4. Russell Martin – C

5. Starling Marte – LF

6. Neil Walker – 2B

7. Gaby Sanchez – 1B

8. Travis Snider – RF

9. Edinson Volquez – RHP

No big surprises here. With the lefty, Madison Bumgarner on the mound, the Pirates are loading up on guys who hit lefties well. That explains Sanchez getting the start at first base. The Pirates have also stacked the top of the order with their best hitters against lefties this year, with Harrison, Mercer, and McCutchen leading the way. Travis Snider is the only lefty in the lineup, although he has performed well against left-handers this year.

Here is the Giants lineup.

1. Gregor Blanco – CF

2. Joe Panik – 2B

3. Buster Posey – C

4. Pablo Sandoval – 3B

5. Hunter Pence – RF

Brandon Belt – 1B

7. Brandon Crawford – SS

8. Travis Ishikawa – LF

9. Madison Bumgarner – LHP

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Well at least Gerrit Cole will have a extra few days rest before next spring. Hindsight is 20/20 but Hurdle and the front office were off the charts wrong not saving Cole for the fake playoffs play-in. Even if they won still would have needed Cole the next day. Just foolish.

Andy Prough

Cole wouldn’t have mattered. Bucs couldn’t buy a hit tonight. Losing 2-0 ain’t much better than 8-0.


Our line up is better than your line up! 1-8 we are much stronger. The fact that TI is starting for the Giants when he wouldn’t even make our roster says it all. So, if Edinson can just pitch like he has, especially the past few weeks…

Joe Sweetnich

Let’s Go Bucs!!

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