Starling Marte and Russell Martin Named Gold Glove Finalists

Rawlings has announced their Gold Glove finalists, naming three players at each position in the AL and NL. The Pittsburgh Pirates had two finalists, with Starling Marte and Russell Martin being named finalists at their respective positions. This is the second year in a row that Marte and Martin were named as finalists. Last year Andrew McCutchen was also named a finalist, although he didn’t make the cut this year in center field.

Russell Martin was a finalist at catcher, along with Yadier Molina of the Cardinals, and Jonathan Lucroy of the Brewers. Molina wins this award almost every year, although this year he’s the clear number three option. Martin and Lucroy finished one and two, respectively, in Defensive Runs Saved this year, with Molina finishing third. Lucroy finished first in pitch framing in the NL, while Martin finished third, about 4.5 runs behind. You could make a case for Lucroy being the winner over Martin. Those are pretty much the only two finalists, as Molina shouldn’t be a contender this year.

Starling Marte is a finalist in left field, going up against Justin Upton of the Braves and Christian Yelich of the Marlins. Yelich was by far the number one defender this year, and it would be difficult for Marte to win the award. If you go by DRS, it is a bit closer, but Yelich still beats Marte 13 to 10.

The Pirates were shut out last year. It wouldn’t be a surprise if that happened again this year. I think Martin has the best chance of winning, but could see arguments in favor of Lucroy and Yelich winning at each position.

  • I think Lucroy wins simply based on playing more games as the “tie breaker” between him and Russ.

  • Thank heavens that the selection does not include skills as a base runner!

  • No nods for Harrison? Can a guy that plays a multitude of fielding positions in a year win a gold glove?

  • The fact that Justin Upton is even i the conversation stains the whole process. I watched him this year blow three games for the Braves (including one against the Bucs). He was Greg Luzinski with a little more speed. How do they figure these things out? My guess is Molina will win it even though he played about 80 games. I think Marte will win it based on seniority.

  • Hopefully Molina does not win it, but I have a feeling he will. Not that he even comes close to deserving it.