Update on Alen Hanson’s Hand Injury Doesn’t Sound Good

Last night in the Dominican Winter League, Alen Hanson was hit on the right hand by a pitch from Daniel Cabrera and immediately left the game. It was reported that his hand was “pretty swollen” after the game and the extent of the injury was unknown. Reports from the Dominican today are that he is now in a cast and will probably be headed to Pittsburgh for further evaluations. It doesn’t sound like this is a minor injury and it could possibly end his winter season. While you obviously don’t like to see any type of injuries, one like this is better this time of year, rather than the end of the winter league season, which extends into late January.

  • Sounds like Daniel Cabrera still lacks control…..

  • Second Baseman Andy Ibanez just left Cuba

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  • Not good news sir john. What type of instruction is provided in these leagues? If he were able to play would there be someone providing guidance on footwork at 2b and such, or is it just getting reps

    • They have coaches there just like normal teams. While we call it winter ball, or the off-season league, this is the regular season in the Dominican. This is their version of major league baseball, so the coaches are the best there and they play to win.

      • Through the years I have gotten the impression that the Dominican and Venezuelan Leagues are probably the equivalent of our Minor League AAA; the Mexican and Puerto Rican Leagues are probably a mid-AA, and the Arizona Fall League is also a AA league, but with more Top 50 Prospects than probably any other league. Pitchers/Players who excel in the AFL usually get a long look in ST, with a strong possibility of being in the majors the next season The Australian and others are possibly a Hi A equivalent at best.

        • ResistanceIsUseless
          October 28, 2014 8:54 am

          I’ve always heard that the Mexican League is considered an AAA equivalent.

          • It’s tough to put a specific level on it because you have current major league players, former major leaguers and Mexican League veterans that never played organized ball, but they still put in 5-10 vs high quality players. Then you get an occasional player like Eduardo Vera, who pitched for the GCL Pirates this year. I looked over the rosters a few days ago and it looked to be equal to either a strong AA team or weak AAA team