Belief is That Francisco Liriano Will Decline His Qualifying Offer

Nothing is official yet, but Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says that the belief is Francisco Liriano will decline his qualifying offer.

The part about the Pirates being wise probably is in reference to the belief that he was going to accept the deal. However, I think the Pirates were wise either way by making the offer. If Liriano accepts, then it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to have him back on a one-year deal, which has little long-term risk. I was never in the camp that thought he would decline, and if that does actually happen, then the Pirates will get a draft pick if he signs elsewhere. When your two options are getting a good pitcher at a rate that he would be worth, or getting a draft pick, then you don’t need to be that wise to make that decision.

UPDATE 12:05 PM: Ken Rosenthal has the following update.

  • The deadline was 4pm, right? Why don’t we know yet? This is the age of immediate gratification.