Cardinals Sign Dean Anna to a Major League Deal

The St. Louis Cardinals have signed infielder Dean Anna to a Major League deal, according to Chad Jennings of (h/t MLBTR). Anna was claimed by the Pittsburgh Pirates during the 2014 season, after spending some time in the majors with the New York Yankees. He can play shortstop, second, and third base, and has received good grades for his defense. He also has good numbers in his time at Triple-A, posting a .296/.385/.432 line.

Anna was eligible as a minor league free agent this off-season, after being outrighted off the Pirates’ 40-man roster. They have since added two utility players in Justin Sellers (acquired for cash) and Jake Elmore (waiver claim). It will be interesting to see how Anna compares to those two infielders this year. He does have two option years remaining, so there’s no guarantee he will play in the majors, even with the MLB deal. The significance of the deal is that it gives him a spot on the 40-man roster, which is rare for a minor league free agent to receive.

  • Dean Anna, marginally better then the trash brought in? Well, how about that.

    • You are the only trash I see around here.You probably never had your jock on right…if you ever wore one.

  • It’s ” dumpster diving ” and jokes all around when they sign a guy like this, But, when they release the guy and some other orginizations goes to that proverbial dumpster, dontchajessknow that they have been , outsmarted ! Oh yeah ! Dean Anna will be the difference between the Pirates and Cardinals getting to the playoffs. Sure……

  • I can see it now, Anna driving in a go ahead run or a walk off in 2015 in a Pirates/Cardinals matchup. Much the way Ryan Ludwick, Steve Pearce and others seem to come back to haunt us for moves like this. Oh that hindsight.

  • i didnt realize Anna was such a promising player lol

  • lonleylibertarian
    November 11, 2014 8:20 pm

    I find this mind boggling – the BMTIB is outsmarted again. Oh well – we still have Brent Morel I think…

  • Darn, the not so good news just continues.

  • Looks like 2014 was a bad year for Anna, but in 2013 he was terrific. Was he battling a nuisance injury last year? The Pirates were probably figuring that his poor performance in 2014 would scare any potential suitors off. Seems like he’ll be a bounce back candidate for the Cards. Do they have any hitting gurus like the Pirates have Pitching wizards?

    • No. Not to marginalize him as person, but he is a the epitome of the AAAA player.

      • The Cardinals made a mistake then in offering him an MLB contract?

        • Considering their back up SS, Pete Kozma, couldn’t hit even in AAA, maybe not. Did the Yankees make a mistake when they released Anna ?