Ike Davis Getting Work in the Outfield

Jon Heyman had an interesting and unexpected update today on Ike Davis. The Pittsburgh Pirates’ first baseman has been working in the outfield to improve his versatility.

The Pirates have Pedro Alvarez and Ike Davis as left-handed platoon options at first base, and the belief is that one of those two will be traded this off-season. It’s possible that the Pirates could go with neither player and add a full-time first baseman. As for Davis working in the outfield, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Pirates. They have Travis Snider as an expensive bench option, and a fourth outfielder who could take over if Gregory Polanco struggles or if someone gets injured. At best, Davis would be the fifth best outfield option for the Pirates, and maybe the backup left-handed first base option. Basically he would be Andrew Lambo, but making $4 M extra.

Of course, Davis could be working on versatility for another team to ensure that he finds a situation that gives him plenty of playing time. That would make more sense, although I think his best value is going to be at first base.

  • Lambo is the new Matt Hague. Don’t really understand the love. He had one good year in five.

    • He’s actually had two straight excellent seasons and looked good the last month or so of 2012 so he has been playing well for quite awhile. Still only 26 he is definitely worth a look because of his power potential. He’s more athletic and has more power than Hague…I think at worst he becomes a Garrett Jones-type hitter with well better fielding.

  • Please no….I hope the Pirates are not trying to justify keeping Ike for 2015. I am hoping he is long gone, along with Gabby.

  • I would prefer Lambo over Davis. I think he has more upside than Davis, plus he has played some outfield. Maybe Lambo is part of trade for catcher.

    • I’m not a big fan of Lambo, but compared to Ike Davis he is King Kong. I’d rather let him have a chance and fail, then go with Davis, a proven failure.

    • I’m not a big fan of Lambo, but compared to Ike Davis he is King Kong. I’d rather let him have a chance and fail, then go with Davis, a proven failure.

  • lonleylibertarian
    November 12, 2014 4:49 pm

    Time to move on from the Ike Davis experiment. Save the money on him and Sanchez. I would love to see them make a run at Evan Gattis – he could be Pedro’s RH platoon partner – emergency catcher and power RH pinch hitter.

  • Now he can be a subpar hitter at two positions!

  • William Wallace
    November 12, 2014 1:25 pm

    Have we forgotten about Tabata? He is under contract and he has been everyone’s whipping boy but I can’t see him being moved without some sort of package. It also amazes me that we have 6 outfielders and 4 first basemen but soon will be left with one viable catching option.

  • YOLO

  • I doubt that this was dictated by the Pirates. He probably expects to be non-tendered and wants to increase his value on the open market.

  • Ike Davis to Seattle for Danny Hultzen?

  • Wonder if a trade involving Polanco or snider is in the works

    • TheSharkTankisNasty
      November 12, 2014 4:29 pm

      We’ve seen Davis run the bases. Now, would you want to see him running around in the OF everyday, chasing the ball as runners advance multiple bases on him?

      We have 3 solid, fast outfielders with pretty good defense. Why would trade one of them (or Snider) so we could see Davis in the OF?

      • So we can see david price (like) on the mound, snider in right.. having three cf type outfielders, however cool, is a waist of resources for two reasons.. rf in pnc. . Huge focus on ground ball pitching..

  • Where is Ike taking these balls? To the head? The shoulders? Other various and sundry parts of the body not encumbered by a glove?